b'MRCA\'s ApplicatorThis modification will clearly limit theCRC\'s liabilityto atwo-yearperiod.Theabove Agreements Updatemodificatioo mayacceptable by Owens-Coming be on a job-to-job basis.You should initial each change. TOPCOAT Applicator Agreement Geoflex Applicator Agreement The Topcoat Agreement in its present formis MIDWESTROORNGnot acceptable for execution.The Agreement,Toe Geoflex Agreement in its present form,is CONJiACTORShowever, can be made acceptable by making thenotacceptable for execution. Paragraph D, in the ASSOCIATION,INC.followingmodifications:Duties of the Registered Roofing Contractor 8725RoeehlSl.ite Road,210Section of the Agreement, does not adequately lsnexa.66215-4611 ICa\'ll0I(1) The fifthline of Paragraph 4(b) should beprotect the contractor from liability. (913)599-6600 FAX-(913)899-6600modifiedthat the line reads (modified language so is underlined)" .atToebe or repairs shall beApplicator\'sAgreement canmade acceptable by making OFAa:RSexpense,withinthelimitations of Paragraphthe following modifications to Paragraph D of HARLAN L. HANSON President-1(9, if TOPCOAT determines";the above-mentioned section (modified language .Ames.Iowais underlined, and modifications inc1ude creating CLFfORDJOHNSON(2) The second clause of the first sentenceinsuhsection 0(2)): Vice-PresidentParagraph 4(d)shouldbemodifiedto read Tulsa. Oklahoma ANTHONY M.(modifiedlanguageunderlined):",andat"Toassumefullresponsibilityforproper SPIGARELLI Vice-PresdentApplicator\'s expense make the repairs as requiredworkmaru;hip and installation of the GEOFLEX Mnneapolis. Minnesotaby Paragraph 4(c) ofsystem and to provide at his own expense, labor this Agreement." [deleting MK:HAEL PETTIGREWremainder to the sentence];to inspect each installation and repair leaks that Secretay-Treasurer Fathdanaoccur due to faulty workmanship for a period of Wayne, (3) The ninth line of Paragraph 4(d) should betwo (2) years under the GEOFLEX warranty. DIRECfORSmodified to read (modifications are underlined):" ROBERT DANIELS.proceeded to correct and repair allleaks1. It is further agreed that the Registered Roofing 8 Paso, Texas MK:HAELwhich are caused by improper installation andContractor shallberesponsible for any and all GOSTOMSKI Winona Minnesotawhich are brought to its attention . "; andexpenses incurred by Republic to inspect eacl RAYMOND L. HOSELTONinstallation and repairleaksthatoccur d ~o-.enoa.llnoi.5 MARCUS B. MANSON(4) The last two lines of Paragraph 4(d) shouldfaulty workmanship during the first two (2) years KansasCi1y, MissoJribe deleted, and the twelfth line ofof the GEOFLEX warranty. Paragraph 4(d) JAYREFIEUNAshould be modified to read: " . the conditions Lyo,s. llnoi.5causingthem."[theremainderof2. Following the passage of MK:HAELJ.deletingsaid two-year period DALSINParagraph 4(d)].without notice from Republic of some defect in West Fa1P, North Dakota BlLFEREMthe roofing system, the contractor shall have no Humt:le. Tex:asfurther obligation to make repairs at contractor\'s ROBERT R. HANSEN Omaha.Owens-Corning CRCexpense." Nebraska ROBERTF. HUNTINGTONAgreement ndirncpoo. ncianaThesemodificationsclarify thatcontractor\'s ROBERT OSTERHOLTCRC Agreement.The CRC Agreementwasobligation to make repairs at contractor\'s expense St. Louis, MtSSOUrirevisedin Aprilof 1990.Unfortunately, theis limited to atwo-year period.Republic may FRED PETERSON Roclne. WilcoosnCRCisaccept the modifications on a job-to-job basis. Agreementstill unacceptable for execution CHARLESJ. DESSENTby MRCA members.You should initial each change. JR. Olc:CIP, llnoi.5 NICHOLAS D. BECHTELThe Agreement canbemadeacceptableby Ohio Dayton, JOHND.DREWmaking the following modification:Contribution.(ConJinued From Page 8) MasonIowa Ci1y,They arebased on suchfactorsasacademic CHARLESE. CORNELL JR.(1)Toefollowing language should be added to rdependalce,performance, employment experience, financial MissoJrithe end of Paragraph B, Guarantee Responsibilityneed, and demonstrated desire to pursue a career DOUGLASKIRBERGSection: 0.in the construction industry. OlaimanaBoatd St. Louis, MissoJri"Following the passage of said two-year period,You, too, can become a friend of the Foundation STAFFwithoutnoticefromOwens-Corningof somebymakingacharitablecontributionof cast JAMEST. (TOM) KNIGHTdefect in the roofing system, the CRC shall havesecurities, realestateor an in memoriam gift. Executive Directorno further obligation to make repairs at CRC\'sThe MRCA Foundation,Inc. Board willwork DEBBIEexpense."with you to make sure your objectives are met. FANGMAN ActninistraweMcnc:gerPage 10'