b'We Can Fight Our War1.Goalsarewell . define dCommunicationis With Team Effortthorough so all know of the goal and their By MichaelJ.Dalsinpart in achieving it. MJ.Dalsin Co., Inc.Note:Adequate Toe \'90s brings new hope and optimism for the roofing industry.trainingis necessary Itbas to!After reading the Braxton study my gut feelings weretheir part so all can do inGoals confinned.Toe onset ofin the early \'80s was notachieving it. declining profitsmust be attainable or justproblem. Declining profits wereindustry-wide problem. myanonly slightly outof reachwhen It comes to us as noinour gross profitsothey are surprise thatthe last decadeachievedeach margins have decreased below passbook savings rate. Unfortunately,employeecanfeel we didn\'t have the Federal Government to bail us out.We weresatisfactionintheir distressed to find that quality seldom sold jobs. With specificationsMichaelJ.Dalsin, MRCA Directorperformance. being equal, priceking, eventhe customerneighbor. wasifwas our As business people, we all suffer with a marketplace bred to theK 2. Efficiency is recognized and commended.Consolidating two Martmentality.tasks into one, improved speed while maintaining quality, leaving thearea ready for next personworkloose ends) are So, how do we fight our war?jobto(nosome of the qualities to be sought out and praised. As the different facets ofareit comes to our businessstudied,light3. The office must be ready and willing to visit job sites to that the largest variable we can control is employee productivity.understand field problems.This "hands on" immediate reaction Oncedefined,increasingproductivitybecomes adifficultbutof the office to solve field problems helps cement the working fruitfulchallenge.Increased productivity is achieved only withrelationship between field and office.Increased cooperation ~th the coordination of both office and field.Ifonly one segment isoffice procedures will be easier when the field knows the office operating at optimum level, the other segment can quickly bringcares and understands. them down through their inefficiency. \'-A basic . three-step approach to increasing productivity is theUrgency"for In a nutshell the "Sense ofis"never putting off TFSUPO approach.TESUPO is an acronym for:tomorrow what you can do today." 1. Team EffortOrganizing or planning the job adequately is probably obvious. 2. Sense of UrgencyHowever, the fundamentals are often what makes or breaks us. 3. Planning or OrganizationEffective planning should havethe following characteristics: To consolidate the efforts ofand field the "Team Effort" office1. Barriers between office and field need to be broken down in must be drilled in theemployee\'smind.The "TeamEffort"as many ways as possible.Ajob review with the estimator speech they should always be hearing should go something likeseveral days in advance of the job is agood start.Discussing XYZdetails,specialconditionsor deviationsfromusualspecified this:As a member ofroofing team -1. They are members ofintown - PRIDEitems are covered.By including foremen in the planning and the best teamscheduling of the job, increased efficiency may resultincertain 2. Their individual performance has a direct effect on groupareas where delays bad been experienced before. outcome - ACCOUNTABILITY 3. The degree ofthe team\'s chance skill they master increases2. The actualsite isThe preparations have been of winning - RESPONSIBILITYjoborganized. 4. There is a real opponent - the competition - beating it ismadeto have correct paperwork, sufficient staffing,theright necessary to eat well - COMPETITIVENESSthe equipment, and material ready for the first day on the j?b.~ materials for the jobandto the JOb site the 5. Excellent, consistent performance isto advance inare loadedbrought over necessaryforeman reviews with his crew the upcoming job.Thus goals are level and earn more money- basic MOTIVATIONestablished, team effort is emphasized, and the sense of urgency Toe "Team Effort" speech and way of thinking is not for newis once again instilled. employees only.It should naturally permeate the conversation of3.Theoffice musttheforeman\'sabilityto bea good management each day.It also goes without saying that "the bestfacilitate crewleadermuchasBacking up foremen regarding teacher is a good example."aspossible. \\Jsafety regulations, time tables for goals, emphasis on quality in Toe second factorin increasing productivityis the"Sense ofcombination with quantity, are all things that help him do a better Urgency.""Senseof Urgency"doesnotmean everyoneisjob.On the paperwork end the office is responsible for keeping that flowing as smoothly as possible sois no running around as fast as they can.What a "Sense ofthereslow-down on Urgency"the job.Continued on page 6 . does mean is:Page 3'