b'8725 Rosehill Road, Suiteo,Lenexa, Kansas 66215-4611 21 Phone:(913) 599-6600Fax:(913) 599-6500 Two Students are Awarded MRCA Foundation Scholarships Toe MRCA Foundation, Inc. recently awarded scholarships to two college students.They are Carol J. Witkowski ofPeco of Country Oub Mukwonago, Wisconsin, and Vickie L Hills,lliinois. To date, five scholarships have been awarded by the Foundation, which was established in1987 as anon-profitcorporationforthedevelopmentof anMRCA-sponsored scholarship program.The awards come in very handy. "This will certainly help me continue my pursuit of my B.A inCommunications atDouglas 0. Kirberg Alverno College," said Witkowski."I hope that my education and experience will be an asset to the construction industry."Alvemo College is in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.Another Year Founc41tion scholarships go to worthy young people pursuing ahigher education, andof Goals Met enable the recipients to make an even stronger commitment to the construction industry.by Douglas 0. Kirberg MRCA President "We areextremely grateful for your generous efforts to assist ISU students intheirI never dreamt that writing my last "Pres educational endeavors," said Linda L.ofSez" .would be a sad task.Becoming "Past Maxwell, DirectorFinancial Aid at Illinois StateUniversity, where Vickie L. Peco pursues a degree in Psychology/Occupational Therapy.President" is not going to be the relief that I thought it might be.Giving up the limo MRCA is proud to award these scholarships, and wishes both recipients the best ofand security guards will really be a letdown, luck! nottomentiontheoffice allowance. Seriously, I have enjoyed every minute on the Board and as an office holder.I urge MRCA Foundation Receives Contributioneach and every one of you to run for the board.Our Association can only be as Toe MRCA Foundation is proud to recognize the recent contribution made by member J.good as we contractors make it. D. Martin ofThe contribution is greatly appreciated . Continued on PaKe 6 Brazos Roofing in Waco, Texas. Foundationscholarships go to worthy young people pursuing a higher education with an emphasis on the construction industry.They provide a lasting legacy to contributions the Foundationreceives.INDEX Fire and Wind Questions Page 2 "I think this isof"I\'m happy to onethe best causes MRCA has established," said Martin. know my contribution will keep the program alive."Fighting With Team Effort. Page 3 Scholarships are awarded by the Foundation\'s Board ofon suchWilling aTrust. Page 4 Directors and are based , factors as academic performance, employment experience, financial need, and demonstratedCampaign \'91 : Page5 \'-._./ desire to pursue a career in the construction industry. Like J.D. Martin, you too can become a friend ofby making a charitable the Foundation contributionof cash, securities,realestate, or an in memoriamgift.TheMRCA Foundation, Inc. Board will work with you to make sure your objectives are met. Page 1'