b"MRCA WelcomesNew Members Prime Roofing, Inc.Shafer Roofing 10557 Widmer410 North 13th Street Lenexa,Kansas66215Lafayette, Indiana 47904 Kent PippertEdwardSchafer Legat ArchitectsBrochu Roofing 41st Annual Convention & Trade Show8600 Route 14, Suite 2051222 West Walnut MIDWEST ROOFINGSan Antonio, TexasCrysta] lake, Illinois 60012Enid, Oklahoma737rJ2 CONTRACTORS ASSOCIATION, INC.October 7-10, 1990WayneMachnichJoey Brochu 8725 Rosehill Road, Suite 21 O 11 Lenexa, Kansas66215-4( (913) 599-6600Roofing Industry Assessment Enters Another Phase FAX - (913) 599-6500Continued from Page1 replace that old worn out roof.Trouble is, itYou are going to be in forareal treat at our OFFICERSlooks like we c.in't turn the rain off.October convention.Theformatwillbe DOUGLAS 0. KIRBERG bringing more Presidentchanged slightly in hopes ofof St. Louis, MissouriToe topic ofyou downSan conversation amongst the BoardtoAntonio to attend the exhibits, HARLAN HANSONwasthefiercecompetitionthatexists andprograms, and the special events. Your Board Vice-Presidentlowprofitmarginson whichweoperate.is working veryhard to makethis agreat Ames, IowaBased on that note, your board has elected toconvention. CLIFFORD JOHNSONproceed withanother phase of theMRCA Vice-PresidentRoofing Industry Survey and Assessment.I haveheard a rumor that we Tulsa, Oklahomajustare disbanding ANTHONYM.SPIGARELLIour T&Rcommittee.That is completely the Secretary-TreasurerWe have elected to do a detailed study ofuntrue.The committee, and its members, are Minneapolis, Minnesotamanufacturercontractor relationship.Wealive and well. Helping the membership correct and an feel that a better understanding ofisour roofing problems is their main objective. what DIRECTORSexpected ofcan beToe direction I have requested T & R to take each otherdirectly related l.B. MORRISin real terms to profitability.Manufacturersisthattheydonot just te11usaboutthe Kansas City, Missouri WILLIAM O'BRIENneed tounderstand thatgoodrcx)fsreduceproblems, but tell us also how to correct and/ West Chicago, Illinoistheir warranty risk and can only be achievedor avoid these problems. MICHAEL PETTIGREWthrough theuseof quality roofers.To keep Fort Wayne, Indiananeedprofits. WeWearealsoworkingonbuilding agood quality roofers, wecontractors GERALD SADLONhavetounderstandthemanufacturer'srelationship with the manufacturer,suggested as Racine, Wisconsinreasoning for market share.Theseare justby the Roofing Industry Survey.I would not JOHN D. STEPHENSONsome ofbea goodpresident ifdidn't feel we should Maryland Heights, Missourithe items that the study might bringI ROBERT DANIELSto light.Whether or not these issues will befollowtheadvice giventousby ourown others brought to lightdepend El Paso, Texasresolved orwillstudy. M!CHAEL GOSTOMSKIon your answering thesurvey.So please, Winona, Minnesotaeveryonewhoisrequestedto fill outtheT & R isand well and setting a new and alive RAYMOND L. HOSELTONsurvey, do it promptly and completely.Weenlightening courseforthe'90s.Till next Chenoa, Illinoisneed to know all your thoughts.time. MARCUS B. MANSON Kansas City, Missouri JAY REFIEUNA Lyons. IllinoisMidwest Roofing Contractors Association, Inc.m!Oass MICHAEL J. DALSIN8725 Rosehill Road, Suite 210U.S. Postage West Fargo, North DakotaLenexa, Kansas 66215PAID BILL FEREMKansas Cly, IIO Humble, TexasFIRST CLASS MAILf'lllnilNo.754 ROBERT R. HANSEN Omaha, Nebraska ROBERT F. HUNTINGTON Indianapolis,Indiana BOBBY KODER, JR. West Des Moines, Iowa DAVID KIELPINSKI Chairman of Board Milwaukee, Wisconsin STAFF JAMES T. (TOM) KNIGHT Executive Director SARAH L. WILLIAMSON Administrative Manager Page 4"