b'Qualifications for a Good Roof Inspector A good, experienced roof inspector shouldAll materials shouldthoroughly checked be \\, becompletely knowledgeable inroofingto make certain that they conform to the __,, technologyandgoodworkmanshipspecification requirement of the project. practices. As the roofing work gets underway, the Roof inspectorisabroadterm,but itinspectorshouldcheck allprocedures covers all the bases whether inspecting therelativetoproper application.Among roofduringapplication,inconjunctionthese are storageof materials,priming, with a periodic maintenance program or toinstallationof insulation,membraneand find and resolve a roof problem or failure.baseflashings,sheet metalcoordination and protection of completed work. A roof inspector probably has one of the mostdemanding jobsof constructionTest cuts,ifnecessary, should be taken inspection.A roofing system alsoof is oneon each job by the inspector, who should the most problem-prone building subsystemsweigh and visually inspecttest cut on each manufactured on the job site.the job.If there is any problem apparent Bob LaCosse, C4Efromthisweighingandinspection,the The most intricate work on a welded steelnecessarycorrectiveactionshouldbe truss or a complex set ofMR.CATechnical Consu/ta/ltinstituted at once. elevator controls is done in a factory or fabricated shop. Butexperienced roof inspector onboth new a roof system is custom-built in the field,construction and reroofing jobs.Final Inspection andtheintegrityof theroofing system dependsnotonly upon good applicationExperiencedroof inspectors shouldWhen an roofing, related sheet metal and but quality materials suited to the systemreview specifications and plan on new andair conditioningin place, a list should be is selected.reroofingconstructionby checkingallprepared covering each of these items and details ofofto be builtforwardedtothearchitect,engineer or the typeassembly Whether the individual isor by designatedbefore construction begins.Many designowner. choice is calledaroof inspector,roofor specifications problems can be spotted consultant or any other name, they shouldand corrected at this time.Afteralllisteditemshavebeenmade ~befullyknowledgeableinfieldsatisfactory, afinalinspection should be investigations,samplingprocedures,Onexistingstructures,athorough,made.Final reports and recommendations laboratory analysis and testing.If necessary,professional survey should be made ofcoveringallaspectsoftheroofing the aroofinspectoralsoshouldbeareas to be roofed.The inspector shouldinsta11ation should be forwarded to either knowledgeable about contract documents,report and specify that the required workthe architect, engineer or owner. such as specifications, drawings and detailsbe done in a manner that will assure theforroofing systems, and about structuralwatertight integrity of the roof.Inof conclusion, for one sourceinformation analysesandthedesignof roof decks.pertaining to inspection and maintenance, TheyalsoshouldobservetheroofApre-job conference shouldbeheldrefer to theof HandbookAccepted Roofing construction work for compliance with thewith representativesof theconstructionKnowledge (HARK) section of the roofing contract.team- the architect,engineer,owner,and waterproofing manual of the National Inaddition,they should have athoroughcontractors andothersinvolved.AnyRoofing Contractors Association (NRCA). confusion, questions or suggested changes knowledge ofOther sections to consult are in the NRCA the conditions to which variousshouldbeairedandsettledbefore roof assemblies willbeexposed duringconstructionbegins.manualcovering qualitycontrolinthe wellapplication of construction asas during their service built-up roofing and quality lives.When construction begins, or when thecontrolrecommendationsforpolymerroofing work is due to start, the jobmodified bitumen roofing. should A Checklistbe scheduled for inspections. The inspector Contractors shouldcheck thedeckand allareasto(Reprinted with permission of The following is achecklist for agood,receive roofing beforethework begins.Guide magazine.) Convention Countdown,Continued From Page 1 Trainer/MotivatorBruceWitwer,president of Witwerandfor dancing and enjoyment.Gilley\'s famous "western olympics" Associates, will answer the question "When Somebody Talks, Iswill also be held with contests for cowchip throwing, beer guzzling, AnybodyListening?"best costume, and dyin\'. Soforget to wear your best western don\'t duds! \\.__,; And, as a privilege for sendingyour complete package registration in fee, MRCA will host Texas-style trappings in a Gilley\'s ThemeDon\'t be left out in the cold this year!Get firsthand the latest Party.The trappings include El Toro, the mechanical bucking bullinformation MRCAhasto offertheroofing contractorat the that actor John Travolta conquered inMRCA ConventionandTrade Showin San Antonio,Texas! the movie "Urban Cowboy", a boot shine station, gunslingers, and a live country-western bandRemember - Time is running out!!!Page 3'