b'April, 1990 8725 Rosehill Road, Suite 210, Lenexa, Kansas 66215-4611 Phone:(913) 599-6600Fax:(913) 599-6500 \' Profit is Not It\'s a Dirty WordThat Time of By Douglas 0. KirbergYear l\\.1RCA PresidentAgain. Catch a Rising Star Spring has arrived in the Midwest with its usual mixed bag of tricks - snow,in San Antonio! the south, and coldComeus in San Antonio -for six to eight inches in dry weather to the north.Let\'s hope wejoinour haveourfairshareof moisturetonextMRCA ConventionandTrade convince our customers that they needShow!Set for October 7-10, it should more than a sunscreen above their heads.prove to be our best yet! Douglas Kirberg,MRCA PresuienJ vlavingreturnedfromtheNRCASan Antonio, the ninth largest city in \'-.,,Onvention in San Diego, I noticed theour mission statement and our objectives.theUnitedStates,glittersamongits almost 300 years ofIt\'s a city absenceof manyfamiliarMRCAOne interesting idea from the meetinghistory. members:I know this means all ofis thatneed to have more input fromof contrasts and character that you\'ll youweneverforget.Livelynightspots . the westorybook River Walk. small, inviting are planning on attending our conventionour members to make sureare on the in San Antonio October 7-10.This is apathyouwantustotake.l\\.1RCA,boutiques . so phis tica teddepartment you.stores andgallaries goodomen forus andabig helpinremember, is owned by all ofAt convincing manufacturers that they needtheconvention wehopeto put on a. river taxistrolleys .horsedrawn tohaveapresenceattheMRCAdiscussion program to get your neededcarriages . convention to reach the contractors frominput The AlamoMission the heartland of America.Make sureTrail.And,oh,yes!TheMRCA you request your local representative toRemembertheimmortalwordsofConvention! have at least one booth.Donald McNamara this spring,whenCatchaRising Star - and look for you are bidding your work, that "profitdetails on the Convention in upcoming Recently,yourexecutivecommitteeis not a dirty word."issues of the Midwest Roofer! met to discuss where l\\.1RCA should be heading for the 90\'s.We reaffirmedMore later. Scholarship Applications AvailableINSIDE TheMRCA Foundation once againScholarshipsareawardedbythe callsforapplicationsfor1990Foundation\'s Board of Directors andPage are basedsuch factors as academic scholarship assistance.on performance, employment experience,RIEISummerSchool. 2 The Foundation, established two yearsfinancial need and demonstrated desire ago to provide scholarship assistanceto pursue a career in the constructionDoing BusinessisHard 3to st~dents at the post-secondary level,industry. _,co~1ders_applicants presently pursuingConventionCalendar. .3 _,,or mtendmg to pursue a curriculum atThoseinterestedin applyingfora anaccrediteduniversity,college,scholarship award should contact theNewMembers . .4 community college, or vocational orl\\.1RCAoffice.An application and three letters of trade school which will lead to a careerrecommendation must in the construction industry.Continued on Page 3 Page-r'