b'~~~-"\'-7? __________ _ _ -~Y.t. EDescrip_t_io_n_s__ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ xhibitor S & M Supply Co., Inc . 117U.S. lntec, Inc 207,17,18 .The TARBABY is the ideal roofing mops, combining high absorbency qualitiesThe name of the game is Total Roofing Systems. From APP and 585 with minimum burning while utilizing the highest quality 100 percent cottonmembranes to every difficult flashing detailthe Brai name continues to Roll. drop ply yarn.Come see what\'s new. Seal-Dry/USA. Inc . 456U-Flow Roof Drain Systems, Inc. 438,440 Seal-dry manufactures prefabricated singleply roofing systems. These whiteU-Flow Roof Drain Systems, Inc. will be exhibiting their line of retrofit roof energy efficient systems are reinforced with a tough polyester scrim fordrains which include the PC/PET RetroDrain, US RetroDrain and the SuperDome puncture and tear resistance and dimensional stability.Retro Drain. Shell Chemical Co . 239,241,12,13United Construction Products Inc. 623 Shell will highlight KRATON thermoplastic rubber foruse in SBS roofingWe will be featuring Hot Shot and Hot Stuff roofing torches, Dragin Wagons, membranes and KRATON G polymer for use in modified built-up roofing.parts and accessories, as well as Turbo Weld hot air equipment. Siplast 614,616W-W Sales, Inc . 439,441,443 High performance Modified Bitumen roofing systems.Exhibits their SEAM ROLLER, an efficient method for rolling seams. Also showing rear dump trailer, air conditioner jacks. Trash chute hopper system Skyview Products Inc.645and pack rat. We are a manufacturer of commercial & residential skylights specializing in insulated curb, vented, thermal break, smoke & fire vents, ridgelights, vaulted,Wegener North America 102 glass and customized units.Hot air welding guns for seaming thermoplastic roofing membranes. Stafast Roofing Products Company 101Western Associated Representatives 130 EPDM single ply systems and accessories.Exclusive distributors, Rolled Metal Products, Reg let, Springlock Flashing. Twopiece system for masonry, stucco, surface mount applications. Cost effective, Stevens Roofing Systems Division 230no special fasteners required. Stevens Hi-Tuff Roofing System, the number-one-specified mechanically attached roofing system in North America. Hypalon based for chemicalWestile 339 resistance, white for energy efficiency, scrim-reinforced for tear and punctureManufactures of Concrete Roofing Tile and Ballast Paver. Located in Denver, resistance.Colorado, Westile markets products throughout the United States. Tamko Asphalt Products, Inc . 313,315,317,319,414,416 Tam-CADD from TAMKO generates (SI-formated specifications, drawings, construction details, even multiple roofs with electronic speed and total accuracy for modified bitumen and BUR systems. Tarmac Roofing Systems, Inc.545 Tarmac features its full line of APP & 585 membranes. See the new torchable, 585, SBS FR. and Tarmac\'s peel and stick base sheet. Tesco Hi-Lift Truck 2,3,4The Official MRCA Show Guide & Program Tesco Hilift produces 14 models of roofershi.lift trucks. Units can lift verticallyis produced by the Midwest Roofing or can dump payloads from 2 up to 16 tons. Contractors Association.Questions or Topcoat, A Division of the Major Group316comments should be forwarded to Designed for the retrofit of metal roofing; flexible, monolithic, UV curving. AbleMRCA headquarters: to withstand the thermal expansion & contraction inherent in metal roofing. The metal roof solution."II 8725 Rosehill Road Tri-Ply . .602Lenexa, Kansas66215 Tri-Ply will feature torch and mop grade roofing products and systems withPhone:(913) 599-6600 warranties available from 1 Oyears. to 20FAX:(913) 599-6500 Tru-Fast Corporation254 Trufast manufactures and markets: fasteners -for all types of roofing decks; termination bars -five various designs; gravel retaining bars. Proper installation tools. UC Industries200 Foamular extruded polystyrene insulation offers benefits of high Rvalue, lightweight strength, and outstanding moisture resistance in singleply, protected membrane, and tapered roofing systems. CATCH ARISING STAR - 25'