b"Questions, Continued from page 2 .determinedthattheuse of 15/32-inchQ.In a present UL-approved fire-rated veneer plywood will not adversely affectassembly,what arethe proceduresto will prepare plans for a building and submittheClass A, Bor Cfire-resistant roofobtainapprovalusingotherroof themto thelocal authority forapproval.covering classifications.Howwasthisinsulations not previously tested by UL? The plans then conform to the local code,investigation handled byfor approval UL and the contractor simply builds accordingof the 15/32-inch veneer plywood?A.Themanufacturerwhooriginally to the plan.sponsored the testing of the original rated AULassembly shouldrequest authorization to conducted Class A Intermittent Flame Q.Are all aggregate-surfacedbuilt-upandBurningBrandtests(UL790)usingspecify an alternate insulation. roofs rated Class A?Class A asphalt glass fiber matand shingles Class A asphalt glass fibermat cap sheetUL's engineering department willmake a A.No, some are rated Class B.See theBURassemblies.Thelaboratoryalsojudgment based upon information previously sectionthebuilding materials directoryconductedClassBfiretestsonClass B ofULdeveloped aswhethernot fire tests will describing Class A and Class B aggregate built-up roof assemblies.toor surfaced assemblies.be required to determine the suitability of the new insulation. UL saysthesetests demonstrate that the Q.Willthethermalroof insulationroofprotect the 15/32-inch Ifnewistoless coverings usedtheinsulationconsideredbe productswith higher insulatingvaluestliick veneer plywood decks from ignitionsusceptibleto flaming or to permit lower suchas polyisocyanurate andphenolicas they do the 1/2-inch plywood decks.heattransmission,it could be judged an foamreducethefireresistanceof anacceptablesubstitute. assemblycomparedwithfiberboard,Q.How was UL approval obtained by fiberglass or perlite roof insulations?the American Plywood Association {AP A)Foron further informationfire performance, for oriented strand board and waferboardfire resistance, fire ratings and wind uplift, A.Yes, because higher temperatures couldas an alternate or substitute for15/32- contactFM at FactoryMutualResearch, buildupinthesupportingstructuralinch-thick veneer plywood in Class A, B1151Boston-ProvidenceTurnpike, membranes during afireand increase theor C roof covering systems?Norwood, MA 02062; 617/762-4300.UL chances of assembly failure.canbecontactedatUnderwriters A.Thesametypesof firetestswereLaboratories,333PfingstenRoad, Q.UL advised the industry that it hadconducted on non-veneeroriented strandNorthbrook, IL60062; 708/272-8800. completed its investigation ofboard and waferboard as described above. 15/32-inchthick veneer plywood and found ittobeThe test results indicate that roof(Reprinted with permission of coveringsContractors an acceptable substitute for 1/2-inch-tl.!ickprotect these decks fromignition, just asGuide magazine.) ''veneer plywood roof decking.UL alsothey do 15/32-inch veneer plywood. Raise MRCA's ranks by recruiting new members ~ and attend the 1991 Annual Convention on us!!! VRecruit 2 new members and YOUR (one individual only) THE ROOFregistration for MRCA's 42nd Annual Convention, to be held Sept. 29 -Oct. 2, 1991 in Indianapolis, is FREE!!!Plus, your new members will MEMBERSHIPreceive halftheir registration! off CAMPAIGN '91 VRecruit 1 new member and receive halfYOUR registration.And off your new member receives halfhis registration!!! off Remember:From October '90 to Convention '91, any member who recruits at least 1 new member is eligible to participate in a drawing for 2 round-trip tickets to the Hyatt on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, with hotel accommodations for 4 days and 3 nights!Also, the winner will receive $300 spending money.MRCAof headquarters will take caremaintaining records for both your discount registration and drawing eligibility.Each time you recruit a new member, your name goes in the pot!So look for your Campaign '91 flyers at Convention in San Antonio!!! Page 5"