b'TAMKO/MRCA ReportCompletedConvention Calendar \\study of composition and physical -propertiesof ASTMD312 asphalts,WSRCA Convention Set for June conductedbyTAMKOAsphalt Products, Inc. in Joplin, Missouri, hasThe Western States Roofing Contractors Association will hold16th itsConvention been completed and copies are availableand Trade Show June 13-15 in Seattle.For more information on registration, through the MRCA office.exhibits orWSRCA400 Oyster Point Blvd., Suite accommodations, contact theat 217, South San Francisco, California 94080, or call the office at 415/588-9722 or Inthereport,resultsarepresentedFAX:415-588-9807. regarding the characterizationTypes of I, II, III and IV roofing grade asphalts which were characterized by softeningARSM-HACCA Members to Meet point,penetration,viscosityand chemical composition. Thewas projectThe Perdido Beach Hilton in Orange Beach, Alabama will be the setting of the divided into three phases.AlabamaRoofing,Sheet Metal,Heating&AirConditioningContractors\' Association\'s 1990 Convention June 28-30.Registration information is available through Lee Bullock at the ARSM-HACCA office at 205/822-7508. CSIand Exhibit Plans Convention The Construction Specifications Institute will hold its 34th Annual Convention 41st Annual Convention & Trade Showand Exhibit June 29-July1atMcCormick Place East inChicago.For more San Antonio, Texasinformation, contact CSI at 601 Madison Street, Alexandria, Virginia 22314-1791, October 7-10, 1990or call 703/684-0300. Catch a Rising Star Do not Buy Real Estate Unless. You Know Continued From Page 1What is Under the Surface Riverwalk,theMarriottRivercenter, the Hyatt Regency and the Hilton, forReal estate investing has always had significant risk, along with the opportunity transportationtoandfromthefor major capital gains.Now environmental damages have added a new level of Convention Center.So,risk, sometimes rivaling the appraised equity in real property. Catch a Rising Star - and look for more details on our 41st Convention and Trade ShowEnvironmental damage can destroy a real estate transaction, as investors, lenders in future issues of the Roofer!and sellers are beginning to learn.The reason the risk is so great is because of the cost of cleaning a site after environmental damage has occurred. Rooimg IndustryOwners are now held liable for environmental cleanup regardles.s of fault or degree of involvement.For example, suppa;e you as an investor purchase a Survey Update Setpiece of property.You, the owner of the land, canbeheld responsible for the cleanup costs, even though you were unaware ofThesecostscould Theofits existence. second phasea roofing industry range from thousands ofto hundreds of thousands of dollars.In addition, analysis will be instituted this year, anddollars the results will be presented as part ofyou maybesued by surrounding property owners for environmental damage to special programming duringthe 1990theirproperties. Convention in San Antonio.On October 17, 1986, the Superfund Amendments and Reauthorization Act (SARA) was enacted.SARA offers the potential ofliability for limiting this Thisphaseof theRoofingIndustryhazardous substance cleanup if, as stated in theAct: "Atthe time the defendant Surveyand Assessment willentailaacquired the propertythedefendant did notknowand had no reasontoknowthat detailed study of the manufacturer andany hazardous substance which is the subject oftherelease was disposed on or at contractor relationship, and will be donethefacility." through personal interviews and a survey with the various industry participants.To establish a defense, a new land owner must have taken all appropriate inquiry into the previous ownership and uses of the property.In some cases a signed \'-" Itwilladdresstheirexpectationsofstatement by the previous owner may be all you need.Check with your attorney each other, the cost of guarantees, andon this.SARA also offers the opportunity to a buyer to reduce environmental what both can do to help each otherliabilityinproperty transactions if an Environmental Site Survey is conducted prior to acquiring the property. operate profitably. Page3'