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Glass fiber asphalt shinglesmagazine.)(Omaha,Nebraska),RobertHuntington are manufacturedaccordance with(Indianapolis, Indiana), and Bobby Kader, inASTMJr. (Des Moines, Iowa). D3018 and/or ASTM D3462.No weights are listed in these specifications.CERTA Programto be Offered Again this YearMRCA's current officers are: Douglas 0. But in UnderwritersLaboratories(UL)Kirberg(St.Louis,Missouri), President; MRCA will again offer the CertifiedHarlan Hanson (Ames, Iowa), First Vice Standard UL55B for Class C organic feltRoofingTorchWelding ApplicatorPresident;CliffordJohnson(Tulsa, sheetroofingandshingles,minimumprogram on7, Sunday, OctoberduringOklahoma),SecondVicePresident; weights are listedpounds persquare in100theConvention and TradeShow inAnthonySpigarelli(Minneapolis, feet to obtain approval for such shingles.San Antonio.The CERTA programMinnesota),and Secretary-Treasurer;David willprovidetrainingtoroofingKielpinski (Cudahy, Wisconsin), Chairman Finally,as aresult of contacts withtheapplicators inthesafeandproperof the Board. 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