b'DeloitteandTonche \'sIndustryTwo Officers Represent MRCA Analysis Update Wows Boardin Booth at RCAT Trade Show TheMR.CABoard heard thePerhapsweshouldn\'tbeBy Bob Daniels !atest on the Roofing Industrysurprised,but wenotedthatMR.CA Director \\,Icommissionedinthereiskeeninterest on the AnalysisTheRoofingContractors of Texas(R-CA1)heldtheir15th 1989,andthereportwaspart of manufacturers as theyAnnual Convention and Trade Show in July, and MRCA\'s booth overwhelming.JimWagnershare the contractors\' concernthere was well received.Themeeting was held at the Sheraton from Deloitte and Touche, thethat their working relationshipCentrePark and ArlingtonConventionCenter,in Arlington, accounting firm conductingtheiscriticaltothelong-termTexas, home of roofingindustryanalysis,profitability of the industry.Six Flags over Texas. reportedthat theinformationThe Convention\'s Early Bird Program began with a large turnout processed soisYou won\'t wanttomissthe farpowerful tofor a golf tournament, and various interesting seminars on such bothMR.CA andtheroofingpresentationfocusingonthepopularsubjectsasAsbestos,OSHA Haz.Comm.,Roof industryanalysisattheSan AntonioMaintenance, New Commercial Drivers License, and "Workers Convention.The bottom lineComp is Killing Me." Thisphaseof theproject,is the results are great, and this commissionedby MR.CAinprojectisproof of MRCA\'s 1989, isathree-tiered study,commitmenttoyou.WeThe entire setting was excellent, a 30-second walk from hotelto and is designed as a follow-uprepresentroofingcontractorsconvention center, and a90-second walk to thebaseballpark. to the segment completed andexclusively.We are your onlyTexans were home with Detroit - Nolan Ryan pitching with a full assessedin apresentation atvoice in the industry, and wehouse for #299. the MR.CAserve no other masters. convention last year.Registration ran out of Itfocuseson strategyandname tag holders three hours into the first performance;thecontractor\'sTotallyconfidential,theday of the trade show.Other than pre-registration, the contractor perception of his relationshipinformation on each completedwalk-ins were about double expectations. with the manufacturer; and thesurvey is seen only by DeloitteOur Midwest booth was manned by Bill Ferem and myself.We manufacturer\'sperceptionof&Toucheaccountants,sofound many contractors and several vendors interested in the San hisrelationshipwiththeplease don\'t hesitatetorespondAntonio Convention and Trade Show! contractor.to this survey! - San Antonio, Here We Come!Continuedfrompagel . prog~ams,laborforcemaintenance,andthepromotionof aroofing contractors on a daily basis.In San Antonio, you\'ll hear positive work environment.theresultsof MRCA\'s detailed study of themanufacturercontractorrelationship. Mod Bit to be Analyzed CloselyAlso on our agenda will be our Keynote Speaker Captain Geral Modified Bitumen roof membranes are presently in wide use.Coffee, and trainer/motivator Bruce Witwer.Captain Coffee, Following field investigations ofnumber of insta11ations andreturned Prisoner of aWar, will deliver a message focused upon th review of data and reports submitted by roofing contractors, apositivelessonslearnedbyhimself andother Americanshe] number of concerns have been identified.These include lapcaptive.Bruce Witwer is president of Witwer & Associates, a St seam performance, effectsponded water, flashing attachmentsLouis-based company that specializes in training and motivation of andsurfaceglazing.Theseare .~conducts over100 presentation He someof the importanttechnicaland seminars annually. items which will be presented andWE APOLOGIZE. disucssed during this session.The map on page 10the 12-page MRCA of Convention Promotion booklet is incorrect.Registration has its Privileges the mapa privilege for those who send in Many General Sessions SlatedEnclosed isacorrected copy ofofAs Other MR.CA Convention Generalcompletepackage registration fee, SessionsincludeMRCNSPRI- SanAntonioanddesignatedhotels.Wea Gilley\'s Party will be held.The MSDSand Insulation;PVC-Roofapologize for any inconvenience thismayTexas-styletrappingswillinclude ShatteringExperience;T&R- El Toro,themechanicalbucking ReviewWithaView;Issuescause you.bullthat John Travolta conquered RegardingPlywood,Shingles, ,_____________________. in the movie "Urban Cowboy!"The _Underlayment,andMetalRoofing;Effectivepartywillalsoincludeabootshinestation,gunslingers Marketing for the Professional Roofing Contractor; and OJ.rrentto "check guns" at the door, and a live country-western band for Challenges in Transporting Products and Hazardous Materials.dancing and enjoyment.Gilley\'s famous "western olympics" - with cowchip throwing, beer guzzlin\', and best dressed and Industry Analysis to be Revieweddyin\' competitions - will offer awards for the winners.Don\'t One session will also be devotedto Phase II of the MRCAforget to wear your best western garb! Industry Analysis.For 1990, MRCA commissioned a followupto thefar-reaching1989 industry analysis,theresultsofSo,now\'s the time to make plans to Catch a Rising Star and meet which shed considerable light onofus in San Antonio October 7-10, 1990! manythe problems that face Page 3'