b'MRCA Reaps Benefit of Seminar Promotion MRCA\'s co-sponsorship ofRIEi roofing seminar paid off in many ways recently. a Toe seminar, a basic roofing technology course, was held in Kansas City, Missouri in April, and turned out to be a smashing succes.s! RIEi, the Roofing Industry Educational Institute, is the educational arm of the roofing industry, and because MRCA stands firmly behind the programs and services RIEi represents, we were more than happyto co-sponsor such aseminar.But the cosponsorship had an added bonus in that MRCA helped raise attendance from 8 to 46, and earned$4800in the process! In a RIEI-MRCA proposal agreed to earlier this year, MRCA actively promoted the seminar to major owners, architects,schools,government agencies,major roofingTom Manson, as a representativeRIEi, presents of manufacturers,and materialsdistributorsin ordertocontactpotentialattendees.Tom Knight MRCA Executive Director, with a check MRCA also sponsored student scholarships to attend the seminar.for$4800. MRCA Director Marcus Manson opened each seminar session as a representative for President Doug Kirberg.We are proud to say that the co-sponsorship can only be termed a success, as is the case whenever RIEi gets together with MRCA on a roofing industry project. As a matter ofat ourin fact, RIEi developed the MRCA CERTA program, which will be offered again this yearannual conventionSan Antonio. Use Weights to Colllpare Roof Products by Bob LaCosse, CAEstill specifying by weig~t incorrectly. You(NRCA) and I weighed a sampling of mo,t MRCATechnical Consultantmust correct them when you bid their workof Wilson\'s stock of both glass fiber and In February 1988, Wilson Enterprises, Inc.,ororganic asphalt shingles.,,.\' you can be liable for the oversight and it Bensenville,Ill.,circulatedacustomercan be expensive. alertbulletin.Withtheirpermission,IToe scale used was a Toledo 2-foot-high quote from the bulletin."Please makesurethatacopy of thisscale that could weigh up to 360 pounds to noticegets to the proper people atyouranaccuracywithinonepound.The "It has come to our attention that a numbercompany.If youhave anyquestions,measurements showed weights inconsistent ofonplease give us a call. - E.B. Wilson Sr."withpreviously known weights.Most you are using outdated specifications your contracts.It is no longer appropriateone-squaresamples werelighterthan to refer to roofing shingles by their weight.Ever since this notice was circulated, therepreviouslyknown,whileseveralwere hasbeenmuchconcernfromroofingheavier. the "Forsometime,allof themajorcontractors and others inroofing industry manufacturers have stopped printing weightsregardingthechangeintheshingleBill Wilson, presidentWilson Enterprises, of on theirliterature and packaging.Theymanufacturers\' position.It directs roofingtold us that he and his personnel spend a refer only to the length ofcontractors to again change their marketingconsiderableamountof time explaining their warranties. Itis incorrect to quote your product by theof shingles.the weights of shingles to contractors and old standard oftheircustomers.Hesaid itwouldbe a 235-pound or 240-pound self-sealing shingle or to use weight in anyAsinhelpful for him and his employees to indicatedthe bulletin, asphalt shinglesreturn way.previously weresold accordingto theirto listing the weights. weight per square, which is 100 square feet \'\'Themanufacturer no longer guaranteesofUsing this system, the owner,Weights also have become a concern with coverage. the weight of most of his products andarchitect, roofing contractor and specifierother materials used in both steep and lowleaves you liable for any weights you mayknewwhat weightshinglewasbeingsloped roofs.For example, not too many put in your contracts.The correct way tospecifiedand applied.In general,theyears ago, 15-pound organic felt weighed bid yourisrefer to the lengththeowner knew what weight shingle he was15 pounds and was designated so on the johstoof manufacturer\'s warranty.Bidorbuying, and the applicator knew what weightrolls.This is no longer true. a 20-year 30-year40-year roofwhatever. It canshingle he was applying.r oror be fiberglass or organic.Itnow is designated asNo.15 asphalt-\'"\' Weighing insaturated organic feltandhas aweight \'\'You can refer to the manufacturer\'s nameLast fall with the cooperation of Wilsonrangingfrom11to 13pounds per100 and type of shingle, but don\'t mention aEnterprises,tworepresentativesof thecontinued on page 3 . weight.A number ofNational Roofing Contractors Association your customers are Page 2'