b"September, 1990 8725 Rosehill Road, Suite 21 0, Lenexa, Kansas66215-4611 Phone:(913) 599-6600Fax:(913) 599-6500 Convention Countdown:Just Days Away! The time is upon us and rooms are fillingRegency San Antonio; and the San Antonioreviewof datasubmittedbyroofing fast! IfMarriottRiverwalk.contractors,concernssuchaslap seam you have not made your reservations for the 1990 MRCA Convention and Tradeperformance,effectsof pondedwater, Show, do so immediately because it's setLabor to be Targetedflashing attachments, and surface glazing for October 7-10, 1990, and time is flying!!Over thears, MRCA has built a reputationhave been identified and will be presented yeasfordiscussionduringtheConvention a watchdog for the roofing industry, and Headquarters Hotel Sold Outthisyear isnoexception.In this grandprogram. With less than one month to go, we havetradition, we've planned a whole agenda enclosed again in this newsletter the12- around theneedsof all segments of theIndustry Analysis to be Reviewed pageConventionInformationbrochure,roofingindustry.In fact,with labor inPhase II of the MRCA Industry Analysis, a alongwitharegistrationform.Ourmind,thisyear we'llbe introducing the1990 follow-up to the survey initiated in headquarters hotel, the Marriott Rivercenter,Contractor'sRoundTable,anopen1989 which revealed many ofday-tothe has been sold our for some time now, anddiscussion on the benefits of productivitydayproblemsroofingcontractorsface, housing forms can no longer be accepted.through teamwork, goal orientation, trainingwillbe reviewed during theConvention. So,younowmustmakeyourhotelprogram, labor force maintenance, and theYour Associationhasbegunamajor \\_./iservations by calling the hotel directly.promotioQ ofundertaking in this industry analysis which a positive work environment. willaffect the industry as awhole. The Don't forget that MRCA has rooms blockedWe'll also be closely analyzing ModifiedConvention presentation on Phase II will off at other hotels in the area, so consultBitumen roof membranes.Thisroofinganalyzetherelationshipbetween yourSan Antoniomap inthe12-pagetechnique is presently in wide use, and hasmanufacturers and contractors, and it will brochure for these hotels.These includebeen the subjectfield investigations. As be one you cannot afford to miss. of theHiltonPalacio delRio;theHyatta result ofof the studyinstallations and the RememberthatRegistrationhasits Privileges San Antonio:Be There or Be Square!Also on our agenda will be Keynote Speaker Captain Gerald Coffee, a returned Vietnam by Douglas 0. KirbergPrisoner of War who will deliver a message MRCA Presidentfocused on the positive lessons learned by himself and other Americans held captive. Continued on page3 . It's coming down to the wire - less thanonemonthto Convention!And what a program we've got in store for you!The PhaseDo notbe left out in MRCA Member Roundtable .II of theMRCA IndustryAnalysis. ModBit ReviewAnotherCERTAtrainingthe cold!If .you have session . and much,much more!not received But whyshouldyouparticipateinthisconvention year'sConventionandTradeShow? Because you know the value ofDouglas 0. Kirberg, MRCA Presidentregistration materials, your MRCA membership, you can see the contributionsWhat can you get out of your attendance?please contact tbe 1RCA makes to the roofing industry as ~ hole,andyourecognizetheconstantThe latest information on state-of-the-artMRCA office. need for strengthening membership throughtechniques in the roofing industry; critical one of the most tremendous gatherings ininput and feedback on issuesthat affect the industry.Continued on Page 4 . Page 1"