b'Q~;woodinsulation utside Exhibit Areasfiberboard During both the 1988 and 1989 conventions. MRCA offered exhibitors the opportunity to actually demonstrate their product, equipment. or service in an outside setting.There has been an enthusiastic response to this offer. and it will be continued here in San Antonio.The outside exhibit area is immediately adjacent to the primary entrance of the convention center. Here is a listing of outside exhibitors, as of press time: Dibiten USA Garlock Equipment Company Mango Equipment Co., Inc. Reeves Roofing Equipment Co., Inc. Shell Chemical CompanyHUEBERT FIBERBOARD INC. Tesco HiLiftTruck RQOF OISULATIOlil IOAROJNSIJ.LAllllSHUTIIJJJIQ U.S. lntec, Inc.Fibreboard for use in Built-up Roofing and various Single-ply systems We manufacture regular, high-density a.nd asphalt coated roof insulat,on. ANOTHER TRU-FAST DIFFERENCE thattoprofits pointsincreased roofing Single plyfasteners specially designed to save you time and money! P LENTY OF NAME-BRAND fasteners still rely on yesteryear\'s designs to prevent back-out failure. And costly call backs frequently plague their users. Better use Tru-Fast fasteners- FM approved-and with advanced design featurestoit assure powerful resistance to back-out and pull-out forces where counts-the deck! DECK UNDERSIDELabor Savings A sharp OP (drill point), deep recess Phillips head and unique twin lead threads guarantee fast, perpendicular penetration (no cam out) even in 16 ga. Proudly Madeinmetal. Significant savings in labor costs are yours to keep. the U.S.A.Back-Out Resistance As penetration occurs, exclusive Tru-Fast tapered entry action, assisted by the twin lead thread design, wedges the screw tightly in the deck.It is almost as though deck and screw are "locked" together! No backout. No call back problems. No lost profits. RoofInsulation =as1emngSystemsTRUST TAU-FAST. Contact your Tru-Fast THE TAU-FAST CORPORATIONrepresentative or get in touch with us. Rural Route #4, Bryan, Ohio 43506 Call Toll Free: 1-800-443-9602Fax: 419-636-1784 10CATCH ARISING STAR -'