b'August, 1990 8725 Rosehill Road, Suite 210, Lenexa, Kansas 66215-4611 Phone:(913) 599-6600Fax:(913) 599-6500 Convention - We\'reSending Our Rising Stars to the Top! Each month,theone event which bringsMRCA of 1990 thanthetheme of this MRCA\'s membersshoulder-to-shoulderyear\'s Convention and Trade Show, "Catch gets closer and closer!San Antonio herea Rising Star."We\'re constantly striving we come!!!for a better waydoingand attending ofthings, this Convention can only send MRCA\'s MRCA\'s annualConventionand Trade"rising stars" to the top! Show is less than two months away, so if youhaven\'treceivedyourregistrationLabor tobeFocus materialsandgeneralConventionofDouglas 0. Kirberg, MRCA President Industry Round Table informationyet,pleasecontactDebbieOneConvention session we hopeto see Fangman at MRCA headquarters. The datesbecome a tradition will be the ContractorsThe Joys of Installing \'re October 7-10, 1990, and the location isRound Table.To be introduced this year, ~ e Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Centerthis segment of the Convention programa New Computer System in San Antonio, Texas.will providean opportunity foranopenby Doug Kirberg discussiononproductivitythroughMRCA President Catch a Rising Star!teamwork,goalorientation,training Asyou\'vereadinyourConventionReplacing your old computer and installing materials,nothing better describestheContinued011page 3 a new accounting package while retaining your estimate system sounds really simple to me. But to be safe, we hired a computer Your Opportunity to Serve Your Associationconsultant from a Big Eight firm, Deloitte MRCA bas recently produced a new brochure promoting the MRCA Foundation, Inc., andand Touche; also our accountant, to help its benefits to the Association.The Foundation, a nonprofit corporation, was created inus purchase the correct system. 1987 for the development of an Association-sponsored scholarship program.After nine months of intense looking and Formed for educational purposes in order to provide scholarship assistance to studentsstruggle over the advantages of one over attending an educationalinstitutionatthepost-secondarylevel,todaytheMRCAContinued on page4 . Foundation considers applicants for scholarships "if they are pursuing or intend to pursue, a curriculum at an accredited university, college, community college, vocational or tradeCONVENTION school which will lead to a career in the construction industry."NOTES Scholarships are awarded by the Foundation\'s Board ofand are based on suchIfyouhavenotreceived Directors, factors asconventionregistration academic performance, employment experience, financial need, and demonstrated desire to pursue a career in the construction industry.materials,pleasecontactthe MRCAoffice. How can you become a friend ofYour contributions of the Foundation?cash, securities, real estate ormemoriam gifts will mark a charitable contribution made by yourself, as inAlso,tomaketheprocessing well as a donation of funds for the Foundation.The MRCA Foundation, Inc. Board ofeasierontheSanAntonio irectors will work with you, the donor, to make sure your objectives are met.Housing Bureau, please list your \\_./arrival and departure times on Look into this special opportunity to serve your association and your industry - makeyour OfficialHousing Request your donation payable to MR.CA Foundation, Inc. and mail it to the MRCA office at ff725 Rosehill Road, Suite 210, Lenexa, Kansas 66215.For more informatioo, call the MR.CAform. Thanks! office at (913) 599-6(,()(). Page 1'