b'Thanks, MRCA, fors Opportunity Thitheairlinesaidtheywould deliver our1 luggage the next day.It actually arriv~ By Mike Pettigrewthesame nightasour cance11edflight. Retiring MRCA DirectorThankfully, thegood times far outweigh thebad. Hmanytimes have you returnedIn awconclusioo, I have had many memorable from a convention or meeting to find thattimes and perhaps the greatest benefit of some of the most stimulating ideas cameall is the many friendshipsthat we have from acolleague?Iwas elected to thegained and hope to hold onto for avery MRCA Board of Directors in1987for along time. three-year term which expired at the San Antonio Convention last month.ThankyouMRCAforthisfantastic ! ! opportunity! l ! Inthose three years I have had the pleasure ofMikePettigrew meeting many respected and interesting people in our industry. Many fellow roofingRetiring MR.CA Director andgeneralcontractors haveasked me,chance to discuss similar problems withFoundation "How can you afford the time away fromthose people.Had I not been a director I your business?"Myreply has been "Howdon\'t believe I would have made the effort.Receives can I not take the time?"As an example, I have incorporated many proven procedures ofmy business.WeJanand IhavehadmanyrewardingAnother other contractors intoexperiences over the last three years. Well, meet fourtimes ayear so Ihavemanysome were not. opportunities to discuss business andtryContribution out new ideas oo other contractors.For elG;lmple, in my first year as a director, we had alatespring meeting in Kansas TheMRCA has serveditsmembershipCity.We live into Chicago and then flyTWisconsinRoofingContractors northeastern Indiana, and and the roofing industry since January 12,decided to drivehe 1951.Ithas been an honor to serve as aout tpat afternoon around 4:00It wasAssociation recently showed their support p.m. director of this organization.One of theabout95degreeswhen weboardedtheforthefurtheranceof educationin the reasons I am glad I accepted was I haveplane and taxied to the end of the runway.roofing industry by making a contribution benefitedmany ways from the informationto the MRCA Foundation, Inc. in and conventions sponsored by the MRCAThere were several other planes waiting to fromleave and after the usual15or20minutes We all have benefitedthe past officers\'The contribution was made in memory of and directors\' dedication to theindustry.itWe waited and waited andJon Edward Freuden, long associated with was our turn. For example, better roof systems, ASTMfinalJytheytoldustherewas asevereStandard Roofing Company and an active specifications, CERTA program, Braxtonmemberthe Wisconsin Associatioo. For thunderstorm in the area.We would haveof Report Industry Survey are afew of theto wait for the storm topassbefore we left.severalyearshe served asthegroup\'s MRCAaccomplishments. We, as members,Now I want to remind you it was sti1195representative on the Construction Industry must putforth aneffort toimprovethedegrees whenthepilot shut theenginesSafety Council. industry inThe challenge would all areas.off. neverbeaccomplishedwithoutpeopleMr.Freuden passed away on October 4, willing toIf1990.The gift, made in his memory,is give their time and effort.weAfter three and ooe-half hours of sitting at tell ourselves, "I don\'t have enough timethe end ofgreatly appreciated.The Foundation was the runway listening to children ormoney.Ihavetoomanyothercry,they finalJy (no, we didn\'t take off)establishedin1987asanon-profit commitments," we then will fallprey toreturned us to the gate. Thecorporation forthedevelopmentof an up side is I lost some other agency, manufacturer, or morefive pounds from the heat.They promptlyAssociation-sponsored scholarship program. government regulations, telling us how toinformed us that all flights to Kansas City run our businesses.To were cancelled.date, five scholarships have been awarded by the Foundation Board of Directors to Another important factor of the MRCA isToe rest ofweworthyyoung peoplepursuing ahighethat night and early morning the interesting people I have met and talkedspent driving to Kansas City.We arrivededucation.Theseawardshaveenable to.Atrecipientstomakeanevenstronger our convention last month I had theabout 7:30 a.m., just in time for our first opportunity to cooverse with several localmeeting.The interesting note to this wascommitment to the construction industry. contractors.Isincerely welcomedthe(Continued on Page 10) Page 8'