b'H ousing Policies *All reservations for hotel accommodations will be handled through the MRCA Housing Bureau, San Antonio, Texas.The cut-off date for hotel reservations is August 31,1990.Any reservations made after August 31, 1990, are not guaranteed our association discount.A irfares *Please send your completed Housing Request Form to the MRCA Housing Bureau, San Antonio Convention & Visitors Bureau, P.O. Box 2277, San Antonio, Texas, 78298.RoomsDelta Air Lines,Inc. and are assigned on a "First Come/First Serve" basis.Windward Travel in *All participating hotels are requesting a $75 advancedcooperation with the Midwest Roofing Contractors deposit, or a credit card number to guarantee your roomAssociation, are offering reservation.special rates which afford a 5% bonus off Delta\'s published round-trip fares within the United States and R ~gistrationFeesSan Juan, providing all rulesMRCA will again offer the and conditions of the airfareCertified Roofing Torch CompleteRegistrationare met.Welding Applicator (CERT A) PackageFee Onlyprogram on Sunday, October In advancCI\'At the doorIf special fares do not7, 1990.The CERTA Member - individual$95$110$25coincide with your travelprogram will provide training Member - spouse$95$110$25dates, a 40% discount offto roofing applicators in the Nonmember - individual$120$135$45Delta\'s unrestricted round-tripsafe and proper methods of Nonmember - spouse$120$135$45coach rates will be offered.applying torch welded Before Octobe, 1. 1990(Travel solely on Deltamodified bitumen roofing ,\', Complete Package includes:registration fee; luncheon Monday andConnection Carriers, andsystems.The training session Tuesday; Tuesday Gilley\'s \'Urban Cowboy" theme party; all conventiontravel from Delta\'s Canadianwill cover safe and proper sessions; Trade Show.Spouse Package also includes Monday and Tuesdaycities will apply at a 35%working and application spouse program.discount.)Seven dayspractices, proper torch f,Registration Fee ONLY includes:all convention business sessions;advance reservations andequipment use, basic Trade Show.ticketing will be required.propane knowledge, and safe and proper propane gas To take advantage of eitherhandling, use and storage. R ~gistrationPoliciesdiscount, follow these simplePassing a proficiency test at steps:the end of the seminar will result in certification.The t\'Note:A $15 discount applies to registrations receivedt\'Call Windward Travel$65 registration fee at 1-800-255-6132.includes admission to the before October 1, 1990.Sunday Trade Show. ~\'Use the form provided with this package.Make allt\'Refer to File Number: L0465 checks payable to "Midwest Roofing Contractors Association."*Certain restrictions may *badges will be ready to pick up at theapply and seats are Your conventionlimited. Registration Desk.*These discounts are 1:,Refund Policy:No refunds will be given at theavailable only through convention.Full refund will be given before October 1,Windward Travel or 1990.No Refunds after October 1,1990.Delta, so call today!~ - - - - - - -i ; t'