b'The "Pluses and Debits"of Weather By Jerry SadlonDirectly From A Directortemperatures make us quite weatherconscious.Consequently,ourMRCADirector primary worry in regard to sending Jean and I recently returned from aout crews is unlike problems that MRCA board meeting in Tucson,plague roofers in Arizona. Arizona, where unseasonably warm weatherforthistime of the yearItis not all bad though, for we have welcomed us.Having experienceda legitimate excuse to take time off 20 to SO-below zero wind chill factorswithout feeling guilty.The therapy for a few weeks in December, weof getting together with our buddies, couldn\'thelpthinkingaboutourcomparing roofing stories laced with routineinthe Midwest of adailypitfalls and good humor is nectar to earlymorningandpre-bedtimethe soul.We"take time all need to weather check.The unpredictableand smell the roses." elements consisting of rain,sleet, snow, high winds and sub-freezingJerry SadlonWishing you all the best in 1990! OSHA to Survey Exposure toContaminants,Continued From Page 1 Air a survey of construction companies.Data willbenotification that it is included in the survey to (1) gathered through the usecomputer assisted telephonerespond affirmativelyand (2) immediately contact of interviewing and site visits. Thebythe MRCAWeof main effort will beoffice.have the complete textthe ofbe means1,625 computer assisted telephone interviews,questions which willasked in the telephone survey of which OSHA expects to complete 1,193 (a 73%and can assistinpreparing the target company toIv response rate).OSHA proposes to conduct only 30provide accurate responses in the telephone survey. site visits to supplement its telephone survey.Thebe responses toreceived in this survey will have an important effectthe restrictive regulation which on OSHA will select the 1,625 target companies in theOSHA plans to promulgate. constructionindustryforthetelephone surveyby Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) codes.SICNotsurprisingly,OSHAhascontractedwithan Code 1761 covers 25,627 roofing, siding and sheetindependent firm to conduct this survey. Its contractor metal companies. InisCONSADResearchCorporationof Pittsburgh, that classification, 65 companies will be selected for the telephone interview.Pennsylvania.OSHA has announced that the "total one-time cost to the governmentthe proposed data of The time line is short.On February 23, OSHA willcollection is$240,000."It estimates that the cost to mail notification letters to survey targets.That letterthe construction industry for responding to the survey will solicit cooperation and point out that the time to .$16,963anof is only"usingadministrative wage rate complete the telephone interv\\ews is estimated at less$20.45 an hourincludi~g fringe benefits."Those numbers already cast doubt on the plausibility of than 40 minutes.The survey is entirely voluntary.the OSHA survey. Telephone interviews will commence in mid-March The important message for now:Call the MRCA_and willcompleted by18. The_ , beMayfinal report on office immediately if the survey results will be issued June 15.you receive notification shortly afterFebruary 23thatyourcompanyis asurvey\'-\' MRCAtarget. encourages each member company receiving Page 2'