b'________i.,,,~_,1,;:.\\~,___________ -p~p resident\'s Welcomeast Presidents Convention City 1950 - R.B. Stevenson Topeka, Kansas Salina, Kansas 1951-CarlE.Forbes Wichita, Kansas Wichita, Kansas 1952 - R.B. Stevenson Topeka, Kansas Topeka, Kansas 1953 - Paul A. Watkins Columbia, Missouri Kansas City, Kansas 1954 -A.B. Hambrick Lawton, Oklahoma Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 1955Orville Duff Grand Island, Nebraska Omaha, Nebraska 1956J. Edward Daly -Kansas City, Kansas . Kansas City, Missouri 1957 -William M. Buckley Wichita, Kansas Tulsa, Oklahoma Douglas 0 . Kirberg1958Milton Olson -Omaha, Nebraska Wichita, Kansas 1959 -Thomas Egan Salina. Kansas Kansas City, Missouri 1960Paul L. Morris Welcome to the Midwest Roofing Contractors Association\'s-Kansas City, Missouri . Omaha, Nebraska 41 st Annual Convention and the beautiful city of San Antonio,1961 - Dwight L. Chandler Texas.This is a great city for our convention due to theOmaha, Nebraska Excelsior Springs, Missouri 1962 - Robert L. Koder. Sr. friendly San Antonian\'s, the wonderful restaurants and theDes Moines, Iowa Des Moines, Iowa beautiful weather.I have many fond memories of my first1963 -G.W. Powers Lincoln, Nebraska Kansas City, Missouri convention in San Antonio.It is a great place to relax and talk1964 - John C. Shea to other contractors who appreciate the tough times we areOmaha, Nebraska Denver. Colorado 1965 -Robert D. Marquis going through.Some of the key elements of the MRCAKansas City, Missouri Kansas City, Missouri convention:the ability to exchange ideas, to ask questions1966Dale Crampton -Fort Smith, Arkansas Des Moines, Iowa and to get answers from fellow contractors throughout the1967 -Victor R. Nottingham Midwest area.Greeley, Colorado Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 1968Ewing L. Lusk, Jr. Kansas City, Missouri Kansas City, Missouri The MRCA membership welcomes and thanks our fine1969 -William E. Kugler Denver, Colorado Colorado Springs, Colorado exhibitors for making this 41 st Convention a great success.1970 -Thomas G. Manson This is the best way for roofing contractors to communicateKansas City, Missouri St. Louis, Missouri 1971 -W. H. Branson, Jr. personally to manufacturers, and for manufacturers toHouston, Texas Kansas City, Missouri introduce new products or application standards.I urge all1972 -George Stephenson St. Louis, Missouri Colorado Springs, Colorado contractors to visit all booths.You never know what you1973-Edwin W. Carlson might learn.Rockford, Illinois Omaha, Nebraska 1974 - Ray Johnson Tulsa, Oklahoma . St. Louis, Missouri Our sessions offer something of interest to all contractors.1975 -William R. Steinmetz South Bend, Indiana Kansas City, Missouri You might not be utilizing a particular system now, but by the1976 -John W. Bradford time you get back home you might wish you had attended aBillings, Montana Colorado Springs, Colorado 1977 - A.B. Padon, Jr. certain seminar.I urge all our members to attend theOmaha, Nebraska San Antonio, Texas opening luncheon to show your appreciation for all the work1978 - Robert Wiskus Sioux City, Iowa. . . . . . Minneapolis. Minnesota your directors and officers have done to bring this conventio-p1979 -Cyril Tilsen about, as well as run this fine association.I\'ll be looking.Madison, Wisconsin. Kansas City, Missouri 1980 - Harold C. Biebel forward to seeing you all at our "Gilley\'s Urban Cowboy"St. Louis, Missouri Indianapolis. Indiana 1981 - Donald G. McNamara theme party.Milwaukee. Wisconsin St. Louis, Missouri 1982 - Hollis R. Porcher Once again, thanks for all your help in making this aCorpus Christi, Texas Colorado Springs. Colorado 1983 -Stanley W. Miller great association!Ft. Wayne. Indiana. Phoenix, Arizona -1984Rodney Nauke Ft. Smith, Arkansas . . . . .Tulsa, Oklahoma Sincerely,1985 -Allan Boone Omaha, Nebraska . San Antonio, Texas 1986 - George S. Moeller Kansas City, Missouri . St. Louis. Missouri 1987 -Thomas Bollnow Westmont, Illinois Kansas City, Missouri Douglas 0. Kirberg1988 -Robert M. Dalsin Minneapolis, MinnesotaDenver, Colorado MRCA President1989 -David Kielpinski Cudahy, Wisconsin Milwaukee, Wisconsin 4 - CATCH A RISING STAR'