b'G eneral Sessions *APP Modified Bitumen Lapcontractors claiming to be experts, so too has been the fact Separation/Surface Degradationthat professional roofing contractors have been slow to Recent Reports of lap separation problems with APP modifiedpromote their expertise and service.During this session we\'ll bitumen systems are a growing concern for contractors.explore the ins and outs of mounting an effective marketing Various possible causes such as degree of heating,campaign. contaminants, deterioration of the mix, and excessive stress willbe discussed.*Current Challenges in Transporting Products and Hazardous Materials *MRCA/SPRI - MSDS and InsulationThis program will discuss recent state and federal Recent references to PEL\'s in construction and the potentialtransportation vehicle driver testing and safety requirements. regulatory impact of a revised OSHA standard for airIt will discuss driver drug testing programs.It also will discuss contaminants in construction.Insulation usage with single plyrequirements for transportation of hazardous materials. systems to include patterns, overlay, densities, delamination and possible warranty implications. fMRCA Industry Analysis, Phase II In 1989 MRCA conducted the most far reaching analysis of the t\'rPVC - Roof Shattering Experienceroofing industry ever conceived.The results of that vast Recent catastrophic failures involving PVC membrane are aproject. now available in published form (over 200 pages). serious problem for roofing contractors.Protecting theshed considerable light on many of the problems that face contractor and the customer are both primary considerations.roofing contractors on a daily basis.The analysis also raised Specific cases and their implications to the industry will beadditional questions. reviewed. In order to begin generating answers for 1990, MRCA commissioned a follow-up to the far reaching 1989 industry t\'rT& R - Review With a Viewanalysis.In San Antonio you\'ll hear the results of MRCA\'s MRCA will present an update on the topics of asbestosdetailed study of the manufacturer and contractor relationship; removal, ASTM proposals for use of coal tar with fiberglasstheir expectations of each other. the cost of guarantees, and felt, and the growing concern with the cost and regulation ofwhat both can do to help each other operate profitably. landfill sites.This program will include an open forum forYou won\'t want to miss this highlight of the 1990 MRCA audience questions and discussions.Convention! t\'rIssues Regarding Plywood, Shingles, Underlayment, Metal Roofingwill answer*Manufacturer\'s Technical Sessions. A knowledgeable panel of professionals predetermined questions prepared by the Steep RoofingMRCA has always been concerned with providing our Committee.Our intent is to communicate concerns about thecontractor members as much information as possible manufacturer\'s products, specifications, and/or procedures.about different roofing systems,products, techniques, etc.Again this year. you will have the opportunity to learn about new products or to receive technical *Effective Marketing for the Professionalinformation about products you are considering using. Roofing Contractor If there was one thing the MRCA Industry Analysis of 1989 pointed out with absolute clarity, it was that roofing contractors today face mounting competition.While a primary reason may stem from the seemingly "easy-to-apply" materials which have given rise to a new breed of inexperienced - - - - - -*'