b"S pecifying a roofing system used to take days. But now it takes just minutes. Tam-CADDTamko from generates CSI-formatted specifications, drawings, construction details, even multiple roofs with electronic speed and total accuracy. All you need to operate Tam-CADD is an IBM PC or compatible computer with MS-DOS as the operating system, a minimum 640K RAM, a 30 megabyte hard drive, AutoCAD Release 10 or higher and word processing software capable of importing ASCII files. Ifarchitect, Tam-CADD you're an willspecification help you create a better in less time and with fewer associated costs. IfTam-CADD you're a contractor, can give your bids more credibility. Call 1-800-641-4691 today for a copy of ourbrochure. Tam-CADD. free Isn't it about time? .\\ ~ ~ ~"