b'~ ,-.. ~~ ~EDescrip_t_io_n_s__ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ xhibitor Diversifoam Products 325Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company 449 24 year old mfgr. of expanded polystyrene "raylite" and extruded polystyreneExhibiting: Versigated EPDM, hysunite hypalon and versigated mopped down "certifoam" servicing the 10 midwest states.roofing systems. Dunlop Construction Products Inc. 244Grundy Industries, Inc . 103 Dunlop Construction Products Inc. manufactures single ply roofing and waterA leading producer of asphalt cements and coatings, Grundy will feature two containment membranes including Dunseal CSPE/CSM, and non talc EPDM.new products - No. 22 Tophine Flashing Cement and PlyGnp Elastaneria Modified Bitumen Adhesive. Duro-Last Roofing, Inc . 615 The Duro-Last Roofing System is a custom fabricated, mechanically fastened,Gulf States Asphalt Company, Inc. 454 thermoplastic, high strength, single-ply roofing system.Gulf States Asphalt Company manufacturesacomplete line of cements and coatings, roofing asphalts, waterproofing materials, and specialty products. All ES Products, Inc. 114,116products are totally non-asbestos. ES Products is a leader in the manufacture of specialty roofing fasteners engineered to attach base-ply to lightweight concrete, gypsum, and TectumHeely-Brown Company 149 roof decks.Gripcon. olympic, and rawl fasteners: sonneborn caulking products; le1ster heat welding tools; select variety of roofing hand and power tools; material, parts. FABCO Rif/Div of Demby Ind . 215and service in-house. Fabco Ril features System ES preassembled fasteners/plates for lower cost mechanical attachment. Contractors using System ES report installation timesHuebert Fiberboard, Inc . 11O are cut in halfIManufacturer of Wood Fiber Insulation Board for use m B.U.R. and various single-ply systems. We have regular. high density, and asphalt coated boards Firestone Building Products523available. Firestone Building Products Co. manufactures a complete line of single-ply from & modified bitumen membrane systems, isocyanurate insulations andHuls America Roofing Systems 549 accessories for commercial/industrial roofing applications.Trocal Roofing Systems are lightweight, but tough. They provide exceptional resistance to puncture, wind-uplift and lire, enabling Trocal Systems to meet or Flame Engineering, Inc. 119exceed the highest UL and FM codes. Roofing torches, modified bitumen applicators, propane soldering iron, roofing trowels, propane cylinder dollies, fuel line quick connect, twin burner adaptors,Humane Manufacturing 341 complete parts & accessories.Roof-gard walk pads - a safe, simple economical solution to protect roofs from damaging foot traffic with a guaranteed solid rubber pad. GAF Building Materials Corporation630 GAF is a leading manufacturer of both Residential and Commercial roofing,ITW Buildex 426 GAFGLAS Ply 6, a superior, premium glass fiber ply felt for built-up roofingITW Buildex will be exhibiting their complete line of high performance roof systems and Ruberoid MB Plus Membranes. a group of premium torch andfastening systems. mop applied modified bitumen products. lmperbel America 625 G.E.O. Industries 605Rubberlux modified bitumen adhesive has stood the test of 60 years of Exhibiting a complete line of asphalt coatings & mastics, including our new U/lEuropean weathering. A proven product for cold application of SBSand APP tested #902 Permanent Bond Adhesive for SBS & #923 Brite Master reflectivemembranes. aluminum coating. International EPDM Rubber Roofing Systems, Inc . 413 GS Roofing Products Company, Incorporated 4071system is the highest quality non-penetrating roofing system, our moisture OS Since1795,the GS Roofing heritage has been in existence. Today they are acontrol unit is the only proven method of drying out saturated roofing systems. leading manufacturer of residential shingles and Modified Bitumen roll roofing products.International Permalite, Inc. 120 Gardner Asphalt Corporation "\'International Permal1te will present perlite thermal roof insulation, modified 617bitumen products, solar roof vents and drains, mechanical iasteners and Full line of Gardner & Apoc professional grade roof coatings and cements.isocyanurate insulation products. Featuring Apoc Sunbrite 400 asphalt emulsion aluminum roof coating. Karnak Corporation/ NRG Barriers 601 Garlock Equipment Company 401,8,9Karnak Corporation will be showcasting its diversified line of Cold-Process Garlock Equipment will be showing a line of tearoff equipment along withRoofing, waterproofing and Liquid Elastomeric systems. kettles and other newer models of on-deck equipment. Kelly Energy Systems, Inc . 639 GenCorp Polymer Products, GenFlex Roofing SystemsS01,503The innovative leader in the roofing industry again! Observe the patented, GenFlex Roofing Systems markets a complete line of GenFlex EPDM, GenFlex"System 2001 ", at the Kelly Energy Systems booth. Roofing Tapes and accessories and GenFlex RM, a white, heat-welded reinforced PVC.Koch Materials Company 627,629 Koch will be promoting it\'s line of Built-up roofing asphalts. roof coatir.gs. Globe Building Materials Inc.612cements reinforcement fabrJCs. and seam tape. Manufacturer of premium, organic and fiberglass residential & commercial roofing products. Also introduces their new line of APP mod1f1ed bitumen. CATCH A RISING STAR- 23'