b'ON DECKON DECKRODNEY HUGHES Vice President - Boone Bros. RoofingDIRECTOR, MRCAR odneyHughesisacommunity. I have volunteered with our local Young self-described MilitaryMarines chapter as the training officer and our Scout Brat born in Bremerton,Troop as a den leader when the boys were growing Washington at the Navel Base.up. In his downtime, Rodney also likes to spend time Rodneyspentmuchofhiswith his family outdoors; whether it is archery, rifle childhood moving around thehunting for deer, camping or golfing. We like to go country. The only warning wefishing any chance we get.kids had that we were movingRodneyhasworkedatseveralbusinessesina was when we came home fromnumber of trades over the years. After graduating school and there was a movingfrom Southeast Technical College, he went to work for truck parked outside the house. M.J. Dalsin Roofing in Sioux Falls, SD as an estimator Rodney graduated High Schooland project manager. Mike helped teach me the trade in 1987 from Washington Highand showed me what I could accomplish. I went on CONTACT US SchoolinSiouxFalls,SDto work for Schwickerts in Mankato, MN for a couple BOONE BROTHERS ROOFING OF IOWA1432 LEECH AVE. and then Technical College inof years and decided to come back to South Dakota.SIOUX CITY, IA 51101PH: (712) 277-2103 1997 from Southeast TechnicalIn the winter of 2003, I was afforded a wonderful WWW.BOONEBROTHERS.COM CollegeinSiouxFalls,opportunity to join with Boone Brothers Roofing out of SD earning an Associate Degree in ArchitecturalOmaha, NE. Mr. Allan Boone and Mr. Richard Boone Engineering. gave me an opportunity to work with Boone Brothers Rodney is the oldest of three children with two sisters,and open an office in Sioux City, IA. We opened the Rhonda and Rheannon. He has been happily marrieddoors in April of 2003, and I have not looked back. to Debra Ann for almost 31 years.They have threeWe started our Sioux City office with a used pick-up, boys of their own, Russel, Andrew, and Christophera new laptop, and my dining room table. With the help and one adopted daughter, Laramie who is marriedand guidance of Allan and Rich, we have grown into with two children of her own. Russel and Christopherone of the premier roofing contractors in Sioux City.have both worked for our Sioux City office over theThe MRCA has helped us by providing us the tools summers while they were in school.Russel spentand support that effectively help us grow and maintain two summers on the roof doing full tear-offs and SBSour business. From the SHARP safety program to installs. Christopher spent one summer working inbusiness insight webinars, the MRCA has given the field roofing and another summer in the sheetindustrytoolsandBestPracticesmeansand metal shop doing fabrication and installations. Mymethods that have helped Boone Brothers become son Christopher has joined our team in our Sioux Cityone of the premier commercial roofing contractors office. Christopher is now doing take-offs, estimates,in the Midwest. We find immense value in being a and helping manage projects now for two years.part of the MRCA and using these tools and shared says Rodney. knowledge to give Boone Brothers Roofing the edge We attend church regularly at St. John Americanwe need to be successful in our industry. I think every Lutheran Church in Sioux Falls, SD. I am a member ofroofing contractor can and will find benefits in being the Church Council and board Chair of our Outreacha participating member in the MRCA. The tools and Committee. I volunteer with our Outreach Committeeknowledge are there and are available to you as a in our Garfield Neighborhood. We put on communitymember of the MRCA. Take the time and make the picnics, congregational potlucks, movie nights, aneffort to become a participating member of the MRCA annual Garfield Community Car Show and Picnic, andand you will see the benefit as well. says Rodney.many other opportunities to give back to our church 14 www.mrca.orgMidwest Roofer'