b'MRCA NEWSMRCA Signatory Contractors Council RoundtableBrought Exchange of IdeasLaurie Moore Amy Mitchell Rod PetrickSignatory Contractors Council Chairman Council Labor & Employment LawNRCA Chairman of the BoardAuman Mahan and FurryMember of National Labor-Relations CouncilThe MRCA Signatory Contractor Councilfocused on the practical differences for held its first Bargaining Round Table (zoom)Employers.on March 31st. Many ideas were exchanged at the open Laurie Moore of Kreiling Roofing Companyroundtablepartofthesession.The Chairs the Signatory Contractors Councilroundtable discussions were focused on Committee and served as the moderatorexamples as to how contractors and the for the 2-hour session. union can work toward win-win solutions Rod Petrick of Ridgeworth Roofing Companyat the bargaining table.spoke.Rod also serves on the NationalThe MRCA Signatory Contractors Council Labor-Management Committee with thewill be holding a 2-day conference in St. International Roofers and WaterproofersLouis on August 18th-19th.The Conference Union.Rod brought everyone up to datewill include a presentation by the Federal on how the International Roofers Union isMediation and Conciliation Service, and assisting their Local Unions in the areashow they can assist parties in the bargaining of Foremen Training; Apprentice Instructorprocess.There will also be the introduction Training; and providing Recruitment Toolsof the new MRCA Labor Relations manual for Apprentices and Journeymen. that will provide a guide to Employers in AmyMitchell,LaborandEmploymenttheir local bargaining process.Counsel at Auman, Mahan and Furry gaveFor details and to register, visit mrca.org/an insightful explanation of the differencesignatorycontractorsbetween an 8(f) labor collective bargaining agreement, verses a 9(a) agreement.She www.mrca.orgMidwest Roofer 7'