b'PROJECT PROFILEContractor: Advanced Industrial Roofing, IncProject Name: Brunswick Middle SchoolLocation: Brunswick, Ohio ProjectInformation:Whileworkingonthis project,thecrewswerefacedwithafew Project Type: Roofing and Metal Project challenges .Thefirstchallengewastyingthe differentairbarrierstogether .Theothermain Year Installed: 2019 and 2020 challenge they dealt with was finalizing acceptable details to tie the wall panel system into the roofing Architect: ThenDesign Architecturesystem .Manufacturer of Panel System: ReynobondDuringtheproject,severalenhancements weremadetothebuildingenclosure .These Fabricator of Panel System: East Coast Metalsenhancements included the addition of the Hunter XciPlycontinuousinsulationboardtothewall Manufacturer of Xci Ply Panel: Hunter elevations behind the wall panel, and the inclusion of a total vapor barrier from the roof system to Manufacturer of LSR and LMPthe wall panel system .Vapor Barriers: WR MeadowsWEBSITE: www .airoofing .comManufacturer of Panel System: Dimensional Metals, Inc . Manufacturer of Roof System: Johns Manville 26 www.mrca.orgMidwest Roofer'