b'PROJECT PROFILEOUT WITH THE OLDOnce the project started, a hydro lift was attached to the 110-foot-tall structure . It operated continually to remove old roofing and bring up the new materials . When we tore off the roof we found layers of decaying products, says Wilcox . There was rotting architectural sheetmetalandasbestosremediationthatneeded to occur .IN WITH THE NEWAfter the abatement contractor was finished removing the asbestos, and all the old materials were gone, Central Roofing started work on the new roof . They selected a high-quality, fully-adhered PVC roofing product, Sika SarnafilG410,fortheentireroof .Withthebenefit of being able to install in very cold temperatures, the product was the right choice for the historic building .Simultaneously the team worked on repairing ancient sheet metal facades and detailed decorative accents on the roof . There were ball details and a fascia with deep reveals, says Lemmon . Central Roofing was able to find metalballstoreplicateandreplacethisdeteriorated detail of the roof . The fascia was replicated using color and cutouts to provide an illusion of the original depth of the pieces . It allowed detail to remain at the fascia withoutthecomplicationandcostofreplicatingthe deep articulation of the original metal elements .This was a difficult site and a complicated reroofing project .TheCentralRoofingteamwas100percent committedtofindingsolutionsandrecreatingan authentic-lookingroof . Weviewitasaprivilegeto restoreandpreservelandmarksinourstate,says Wilcox . Over the years weve honed our skills in working on historic projects . Carefully recreating or replacing a roof on a significant historic site can assure it lasts for decades into the future .WEBSITE: www .centralroofing .comHAVE A PROJECT YOU WOULD LIKE TO SHARE? Visit www.mrca.org/projectprofile or Contact Megan Miller at mmiller@mrca.orgwww.mrca.orgMidwest Roofer 21'