b'STEEP SLOPEAVOIDING MOISTURE PROBLEMS IN THE WINTERWATER VAPOR GENERATED BY HOUSE OCCUPANTS IS MOST TROUBLESOME IN THE COLD MONTHSBy: Paul Scelsi, Marketing Communications Manager at Air Vent Inc.When we breathe while inside ourThis moisture, which amounts to 2 to 4 gallons per homes, were generating waterday for the average family of four, isnt noticed in the vapor. Some of that water vaporwarmer months because its generally not a problem can potentially be damaging to ourin the warmer months. It doesnt have an opportunity attic, our homes building materialsto condense because the attic is warm. But in the and to us. The need to properlywinter, its attracted to the colder attic where it can ventilate residential attics is most obvious in thecondense as frost or water droplets, drip onto the warmer months to help remove heat buildup. Butattic insulationwhich can reduce its insulating wintertime moisture is equally a concern whencapability. Additionally, the moisture can deteriorate evaluating attic ventilation.the roof deck, corrode the fasteners in the roof, and In the book Moisture Control in Buildings, the followingcontribute to mold growth.activities by occupants of the house are identified asJerry Becker, roofing consultant, Roof Life of Oregon, water vapor generators: Tigard, OR, has a lot of experience witnessing and Cooking solving wintertime moisture problems.He talked Cleaning about it in a recent episode of our podcast.Laundry One of the most important things we do when we go Showering to a potential clients house, is we go inside the attic Hang drying wet clothes indoors to see whats going on inside there, says Becker. Breathing and perspiring Looking inside the attic helps tell the story whats Plus, having indoor plants, pets, and storinggoing on with house. The house actually talks to us firewood indoors32 www.mrca.orgMidwest Roofer'