b'Garys CornerWHAT CAN WE ALL LEARN FROM THE MRCA ELITE SAFETY AWARD PROGRAM?Gary Auman, MRCA Legal CounselW hat can we all learn from theensure that all employees have the safest environment MRCA Elite Safety Awardpossible in which to work, I spend quite a bit of effort Program? I am going to takeand time in providing comments with regards to each this opportunity to recap some of theapplicants compliance with existing OSHA standards issues that I have identified in reviewingand interpretations. In this article Im going to touch MRCA members applications in theupon just two of the questions which were asked in the Elite Safety Award Program. For those if you have2020 application. I hope to cover additional questions never participated in this program you are missing ain future articles. wonderful opportunity to have 8 to 10 segments ofQuestion #2 on the 2020 application asked the your safety program reviewed by me and to receive aapplicanttodescribehowtheytrainemployees detailed analysis of each section of your programand indoctrinate them into their safety program and with your score for that section in a confidentialexpectations.Theapplicantswerealsoaskedto letter from me to you. Im surprised each year by theprovide a list of topics covered during orientation, a low number of MRCA members that take advantagedescription of the orientation program, and information of this opportunity to have key portions of their safetyon how they continually ensure the levels of safety program evaluated by someone who has spent 44 yearsknowledge of their employees every day. That is a defending employers in OSHA matters and working withbroad question but one that is pretty straightforward. employers to understand and comply with the myriad ofAs I graded this training question, I was surprised at the rules and regulations that exist in both federal and statenumber of applicants who indicated that they provide OSHA standards. The applications the MRCA receivesinitial orientation on safety to employees on a very are redacted so no employer information is included inlimited number of topics. I was pleased to see that the applications when I grade them. While my goal is to 20 www.mrca.orgMidwest Roofer'