b'PROJECT PROFILETricky Roof ChallengesA sthema s sive undertakinglaunched, KnutsonConstruction wasbroughtintobuild a new operating addition, central utility area and a parkingramptoa300-spaceparkinggarage. Theexteriorofthe structure was remodeled, and new roofing was neededAfter the expansion portion of the project, we had to in many locations. do detail work on the older building to make the old and new roofs unified, says Jay Sessing, roof technician at We hired Central Roofing Company to connect thethe Service Department with Central Roofing Company. olderroofingsectionswiththenewroofareas,saysAs the project progressed, we used core drillers on the RodneySessing,seniorsuperintendentatKnutsonconcrete decks for the multiple penetrations. Every time Construction. Weve worked with Central Roofing in thea trade person had to gain access to the roof to work past on a variety of other projects. We had confidenceon the project below, we were right there.their crews and service teams were the perfect fit for this project.Weprobablydealtwith30differentpeopleonthis project.Thereweretradesmen,constructionteam Duringthescopeofthisprojecttheremusthavemembers and the Mercy Hospital staff. Every time the been at least 100 new openings made in existing roofs.roof had to be penetrated, wed work with electricians, Central Roofing was there for each one of them andplumbers, HVAC teams and mechanics. We all had the did a great job. same goal of creating the best roofing system possible to top the structure.According to Bros, the challenging project benefitted from the roofing solutions offered by the Central RoofingRound 2Returning to Mercy Hospitalteam. The roof was critical to this project, says Bros. TyingnewandoldroofelementstothehospitalFollowingthesuccessfulcompletionandopening harmoniously was tricky and vital. The roof needed toof the new Mercy Hospital, the Central Roofing team maintain the proper drainage, expansion, and contractionwas called back in 2019. This time for a 7,500-square all while meeting the latest energy codes. foot temporary roof over a temporary entrance for the Emergency Department (while a new Emergency Room Central Roofing reworked the drainage to provide aandentrancewerebeingadded),andtocorrectroof better solution for the hospital long term. drainage and ponding issues on existing roofs. Juggling Roofs and Tradespeople Thiswasarelativelysmallprojectcomparedto theoriginalproject,butitwasstillimportantforthe Fortheinitialnewroofareas,concretedeckswerehospital, says Kyle Forrey, project manager for Knutson installed. Johns Manville primer and a vapor barrier wereConstruction. We relied on the expertise of the drafting added. Polyiso insulation layers were put in place, thendepartment at Central Roofing for input and alternative gypsum cover board in low rise foam adhesive. A 60 milideas on how we could tie in with the existing roof.black non-reinforced EPDM membrane was then fully adhered to the cover board. The same EPDM systemThe different options Cindy Hillegass with Central wasinstalledontworoofcanopies.JohnsManvilleRoofingprovideduswithintheshopdrawingstages Expand-O-Flashexpansionjointcoverwasusedforgave us confidence. With those drawings we were able all expansion joint details. to choose the best path forward to reduce the chance of water infiltration during the roof tie-in work.Withtheexistingroofwork,FirestoneUna-clad 24-gauge pre-finished sheet metal was used for copingWEBSITE: CentralRoofing .comandcounter-flashings.Connectingthetwostructures proved challenging for the entire crew.HAVE A PROJECT YOU WOULD LIKE TO SHARE? Visit www.mrca.org/projectprofile or Contact Megan Miller at mmiller@mrca.orgwww.mrca.orgMidwest Roofer 41'