b'BUSINESS MANAGEMENTContinued from page 35these types of sites require cumbersome manual overhead, as those in charge of hiring need time to sort through the flood of unvetted, non-standardized applications.It is also important to note the workers you hire through Craigslist are not insured or reviewed.Modernhiringsolutions,likeGigSmartGet Workers, can connect businesses with workers based on skills-matching for a low fee. With over 65,000 active construction workers available for hire, you gain fast access to qualified applicantseven for same-day shifts!RecapTemporary workers can help keep your full-time employees happier, allow you to rapidly grow (or shrink) your crew based on project needs, give you better access to specialized skills, orLET BITECprovide an additional means to vet potentialBRING YOURfull-time hires. PROJECT TOHiring temporary workers allows you to expand your candidate pool to the rapidly growing pool of millions of talented and experienced workers who are now contracting. Leverage these workers to combat the construction labor shortage and thrive in 2021.About GigSmart We have 14 colors to choose from, GigSmart is a staffing company focused on providingensuring your roof will stand out among the rest. And along with the impressive modern solutions to meet the needs of a rapidlyaesthetics, you can trust in the proven evolving economy. GigSmarts apps, Get Workerswaterproofing protection our high-quality and Get Gigs, connect businesses and residentialmembranes have been providing for over users looking for labor with local workers. The appsthree decades.are available in all 50 states serving industries including construction, manufacturing, food service, delivery services, transportation, retail, customer service, and professional services. 1.800.535.8597www.bi-tec.com36 www.mrca.orgMidwest Roofer'