b'ON DECKON DECKADRIAN HILTON Chief Estimator of Services, KPost Roofing & WaterproofingMRCA YOUNG CONTRACTORS COUNCIL CHAIR (YCC)A drianHiltongrewupBeing a part of the Roofing Industry was not necessarily inasmallruralIowaon Adrians radar as a career choice. I was working town named Winterset.a variety of retail and restaurant jobs when my best My family does not come fromfriend, Tracey Donels, offered me a position as field construction. My mother was atechnician at KPost Roofing and Waterproofing. That 1st and 2nd grade teacher, myposition has led Adrian to become a valuable member dad was a tax examiner for theof several MRCA Committees. I love my involvement State of Iowa, and my brother is a mortgage underwriter. I love my involvement CONTACT US As a child Adrian was a memberwith MRCA because KPOST ROOFING & WATERPROOFING of the Boy Scouts of Americait helps me connect 1841 W. NORTHWEST HIGHWAYDALLAS, TX 75220 which fostered a fascination forwith others in the roofing WWW.KPOSTCOMPANY.COMPH: 214-884-2789 nature that he still has today.industry who are not my direct Adrian and his dog, Hyde, can often be found spendingcompetitor time on the lake or taking a road trip up the Pacific coast. Adrian was involved in football beginning in elementary school, and he stuck with it all the way through highwith MRCA because it helps me connect with others in school. Football is something he still enjoys followingthe roofing industry who are not my direct competitor. closely as an adult. In high school Adrian also joinedConstruction can be an unfriendly game within the the golf team and although he no longer plays golf asresiding market which leads to a lack of communication an adult, he finds driving ranges to be very therapeutic.and more importantly a barricade around sharing of Aside from sports and outdoor activities, Adrian alsoideas. Through the MRCA network I am provided with an loves music. In my adolescent years I was exposed toopportunity to brainstorm with other roofing professionals rap music and have been in love with the genre everwho face similar challenges in the workplace. Having since. Now as an adult I enjoy charting the history ofthe walls of competition dropped allows us all to bring the art and watching it develop into a sound far differentour best and worst to the communication table with a than what I originally discovered. common goal of growth.After high school, Adrian attended and graduated from Kirkwood Community College in Cedar Rapids, IA and then took some additional courses at the University of Iowa.14 www.mrca.orgMidwest Roofer'