b'ON DECKON DECKMARY MCNAMARA Owner & President, Cornell Roofing & Sheet MetalDIRECTOR, MRCADIRECTOR, GREATER KANSAS CITY BUILDERS ASSOCIATIONDIRECTOR, BLUE RIDGE BANK & TRUSTTRUSTEE, TEAMSTERS LOCAL 541, HEALTH & WELFARETRUSTEE, ROOFERS LOCAL 20, PENSIONN owabusinessleaderday spent swimming in the ocean or pool a good day. When andcommercialroofingthe weather allows, she swims nearly every day. She also powerhouse in the Kansasenjoys transforming her backyard garden into a tropical resort City region, Mary McNamara, Ownerand grilling for friends (just dont ask her to cook indoors!). and President of Cornell RoofingShe was married for many years and single for about as long, and Sheet Metal, is originally fromnow sharing her home with a very sassy Siberian husky. If Detroit, MI. She grew up in Michiganyou know huskies, you know it can sometimes be hard to andIllinois,earningherBSinget a word in edgewise. Accounting from Northern IllinoisMary is an avid supporter of local school district educational University and later her MBA fromfoundations. Helping students where traditional state funds Rockhurst University in Kansas City.are not able to reach, is near and dear to Marys heart.I cant CONTACT USCORNELL ROOFING & SHEET METAL The roofing industry is in Marysimagine being in school and homeless, says Mary. Giving 901 S NORTHERN BLVDINDEPENDENCE, MO 64053 blood. The McNamara name hasback has so much more importance than receivingand it WWW.CORNELLROOFING.COM been a force for three generations,can be fun too! The best charity experience of my life was PH: (816) 252-8300 starting with her father, Jim, andat a gala bidding on this cute little puppy against someone uncle, Don, and continuing with cousins Rob and Ted, andwho really wanted it. We went back and forth, and it got nephew Matt.They set the bar high for leadership with twoexpensive. Eventually I won. I found who I was bidding against being NRCA presidents, one a MRCA president, and one aand gave them the puppy. The crowd went wild! Knowing CRCA president.those dollars went toward making a difference in the lives of Mary started in the industry assisting her dad and uncle inchildren while also putting a smile on the face of my bidding their partnership with multiple roofing contractors across theopponent brought me so much joy. United States to manufacture high-end roofing material. MaryMary also enjoys the arts and support artists, decorating submitted her resume and was instrumental in launching theher home in original artworks.I find artists so intriguing company in Kansas City, KS. Fast forward to Mary eventuallybecause they think so differently in comparison to myself, buying one of her customers, Cornell Roofing, in 2007. Itstates Mary. Professionally, she is connecting those worlds was a risky move and pushed Mary to her financial limits atwith an upcoming Cornell project in partnership with Derbigum the time. With grit, determination, sharp business acumen,and Division 7 Sales. Cornell is reroofing Englewood Arts, a and surrounding herself with a rock-solid team, Mary forgedlocal Arts Incubator and Education Center.The facility will ahead to grow the business from 26 to 92 employees.accelerate the transformation and economic development Cornell was originally established in 1927 and, under Marysof this KC metro neighborhood. leadership, is breaking records as they approach 100 yearsProjects like this remind Mary how much she loves the in business. Being a women-owned business in this industryindustry and the incredible people involved, including the has both challenges and advantages, but in the end, theMRCA. Belonging to the MRCA makes my company better. company must still perform and deliver top-notch quality toFrom using the resources on the website, to attending succeed. conventions, to simply being able to collaborate with other Mary credits much of her success to her time as CFO with thecontractors across the Midwest; The MRCA has always been materials manufacturer, I met some of the best contractorsa part of my work life, Mary states. across the nation. They were the leaders in the industry, andMary knows the value of MRCA to her company and the it was overwhelming in many ways. Today, I am meetingimpact it can make for others, The work of the committees new peers and many of our younger family members andthat help improve our practices will positively impact our enjoying watching the legacy of our industry move forward. bottom lines. Relying on the information available through Marys professional success is balanced with passion forthe MRCA is critical, the articles can help spark a change being outdoorsespecially near the water. Mary calls anyyou might need to make in your company. 18 www.mrca.orgMidwest Roofer'