b'Garys CornerContinued from page 21half a safety enforcement program. What message areactiontakenunderthesafetyenforcement you sending to your employees if you provide them withprogramsafety rules, instruct them on the penalties for violatingAssign your Company safety director to develop a one-page safety audit checklist that the site What message areforeman will complete during his/her site audit yousendingto Include (but dont limit to) the condition of youremployeesPPE being used by employees ifyouprovidethemwith Whether or not employees are using the safetyrules,instructPPE that your safety rules requirethem on the penalties forWhether or not employees are using the violating those rules, butPPE correctly then indicate to them, byAlsoincludeitemslikehousekeeping, your actions (or inaction)proper ladder set up, kettle safety, and if thattheircomplianceisapplicable, safety monitor performance notimportantenoughtoAsalreadyindicated,thesearejustsome suggestions, and by no means should you limit you for you to monitor theiryour safety audit list to these items.behavior To supplement these walkaround audits, I suggest making good use of your site supervisors smart phone. those rules, but then indicate to them, by your actions (orHave your safety director at some randomly selected inaction) that their compliance is not important enoughtime each morning and/or afternoon either text or to you for you to monitor their behavior? Quite a fewcall your site supervisor and direct that individual to applicants for this years Elite Safety Award Programimmediately take a photograph of a part of the work indicated that they do have a site inspection/safetyarea (this might include items such as ladder set up, audit program, but when they described it they indicatedphotographs of one or two employees to evaluate that their safety director only visits each jobsite onetheir use of PPE, etc.). The request from the safety time a week. Others indicated that the site foremandirector to the site supervisor should require a response checked on safety compliance once a week and thatby the supervisor within a very short period of time the Company safety director did a formal safety audit(perhaps thirty seconds?).I suggest you use this at least one time a month. Neither of these is sufficientto supplement your written site audits as it will to ensure that your employees are complying with yourdemonstrate your commitment to having safety safety rules and working safely. My recommendationscompliant work sites.to every employer in the construction industry, and forThose comments are all that I have time or space to that matter in the manufacturing industry, include theaddress in this article. In the next Garys Corner, unless following: other safety concerns arise, I will address one or two Assignthecrewleader,areamanager,orother topics from the 2020 Elite Safety Award Program.foremantheresponsibilityofperformingat least two random and unannounced site audits (checking only for safety compliance) at least twice a day Have them record these site audits Include a record of any safety violations which shouldhaveacontemporaneousrecordof 22 www.mrca.orgMidwest Roofer'