b'INDUSTRY NEWSstandards, said Nick Shears, president of Carlisle Construction Materials. Carlisle is proud of its 18- I think the year partnership with Empire and we look forward tocamaraderie between continued mutual success.In the end, though, McGlothlin credits building onecontractors is helpful of the largest commercial roofing companies to itsto see whats working and people. what is not. The relationships We have amazing supervisors along with great partners that also check quality control on a day-to- are probably one of the most day basis, which ensures Empire can maintain the quality that the Empire clients want and deserve,valuable assets, along with all McGlothlin said. the wonderful resources each Going the extra mile is woven into Empire Roofingsorganization has fabric.OneexampleisitsE-Leakprogram,an innovative solution that allows tenants to go onlineThe companys national reach and safety program and, with a few clicks, report a leak. Once the formserved it well once COVID-19 struck the U.S. in March is received, Empire Roofing promptly responds to2020. Last May, Cal Schreiner, national accounts schedule a repair. manager for Empire Roofing in Colorado, said the Thanks to its commitments to high-quality work andcompanys size and revenue streams allowed it to service, Contractor of the Year is just one of the manyweather the negative impacts of the pandemic.accolades Empire Roofing has earned. Its extensiveFortunately, weve been staying real busy and our list of achievements includes Gold Circle Awardscash flow is good, Schreiner said.for innovation and service; the Fort Worth ChamberAn Empire of Givingof Commerce Small Business of the Year Award; and multiple entries on the Inc. 5000 list from Inc.Empire Roofing believes giving back is part of being a Magazine that signifies it as one of the fastest-growingsuccessful business. On the industry side, McGlothlin companies in the country. has served as president and first vice president of McGlothlin and Sandra have received individualthe MRCA, has been on the board for the National recognitionaswell,suchasBusinessmanandRoofing Contractors Association and a past president Businesswoman of the Year Awards from the Fortof the Roofing Contractors Association of Texas and Worth Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, the JamesNTRCA. Most recently, Cheryl Chapman, general Q.McCawley AwardfromtheMidwestRoofingmanager for Empire Roofing, was elected to be a Contractors Association (MRCA), and Industry Leaderdirector on the NRCA for 2020-21.Awards from the North Texas Roofing ContractorsI think the camaraderie between contractors is Association (NTRCA). helpful to see whats working and what is not. The Safety and Survivability relationships are probably one of the most valuable Like its roofing practices, Empire Roofing takesassets, along with all the wonderful resources each safety to the next level with a comprehensive safetyorganization has, McGlothlin said.program. To enforce its plan, Empire hired NaphisThe company also participates in several Habitat for Mitchell-Reyes as a full-time employee in 2019. HeHumanity projects, donated and replaced the roof previously worked for a safety company and managedof All Saints Catholic School, Fort Worth, and most Empires safety since 2008. recently took part in blood donation drives during the In its safety plan, the company prohibits employeesCOVID-19 pandemic.to work in areas where they may be exposed toEmpire Roofing received the MRCA IMPACT Award fall hazards unless wearing fall protection devices.in 2011 for its commitment to improving communities Retraining is provided whenever there is a change inthrough philanthropy or community service. Its a job assignments; a change in the type of fall protectiontestament to the overall impact this roofing company equipment used; or when a known hazard is addedhas had on the industry.to the work environment that affects its fall protectionPeople ask us, Is there any secret to your success? program. No, theres no secret, McGlothlin said. You just do The safety program hasnt gone unnoticedEmpirewhat youre telling people youre going to do, if not Roofing earned a Gold Circle Award from the Nationalmore.Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) for safety.16 www.mrca.orgMidwest Roofer'