b'Business Management7 Coronavirus-Related Construction Challenges That Will Continue In 2021By Shelley D. Hutchins, LEED-APT he industry in 2021 starteda historic shortage of skilled labor and the issue facing significant headwinds,isnt going away just because COVID-19 has shut economistsandotherdown projects and slowed others. Although firms experts predict. More than one yearhave been calling back workers who were laid off since the first coronavirus caseslast spring, some have refused to return to work, were reported in Wuhan, China, COVID-19s globalciting a preference for unemployment benefits, virus spread continues to plague commercial construction.concerns or family responsibilities.Since the pandemic hit the U.S., contractors acrossLooking ahead to once a recovery begins, labor the country have faced a range of obstacles includinggaps might get even larger, especially in states layoffs, project shutdowns and increased constructionlike California, Texas and New York, according to costs Daniel Pomfrett, vice president of Los Angeles-Throughout 2021, economists and industry expertsbased project management and cost consulting predict many of these issues will continue to challengefirm Cumming Corp. Lack of worker migrationcontractors. Here are the top seven factors to watch: especially to expensive markets with greater job Labor shortage Pre-pandemic, the industry facedopportunities like California and New Yorkalso aggravates the labor shortage, Pomfrett said.38 www.mrca.orgMidwest Roofer'