b'Steep SlopeContinued from page 43requirement the system will not generate an estimate for the roof. It causes people to stop and think and make sure theyve followed all of the right steps.Readyhoughhasalso startedusingnew estimatingsoftwarethat includestemplateswith intakeventilationoptions andexhaustventilation optionsalreadybuiltin. Its already populated with the options. So, instead of having to remember what attic ventilation intake and exhaust vents to add, the Air Vents Attic Ventilation Inspection Checklist help identify potential trouble spots inside the attic and along estimatorsimplydecidesthe exterior of the house/roof.whichintakeandexhaustto establish a formal process for estimating roofs vents will not be used. Its a better fail-safe, checklistwhich includes attic inspections and sticking to the for us, said Readyhough. process. Every part of your business should have a Readyhough encourages fellow roofing contractorsprocess but especially the estimating portion of your 44 www.mrca.orgMidwest Roofer'