b'Steep Slopewere generating as occupants of the house is hanging around too long in the attic giving it a chance to become a problem. It should be removed in a timely manner through a balanced system of intake and exhaust vents. The intake ventsinstalled in the soffit, overhang or roof-top near the edge of the roofallow outside air to enter the attic and help push the moisture out through the exhaust ventsinstalled at or near the roofs peak (ridge vents, wind turbines, box vents, power fans or gable louvers). This balanced system of attic airflow works year-round if its been sized according to the attics square footage and the correct type of vents have been used based on the roofs configuration. Balanced attic ventilation airflow; photo courtesy of Air Vent Inc.When we improve a homeowners attic ventilation,Itll let you know it needs something. Itll let you know and we replace any damaged plywood and get rid ofif theres a moisture problem. any microbial growth, customers feel the difference,Paul Scelsi is marketing communications manager Becker says. Their heating bills actually go downat Air Vent Inc. and leader of its Attic Ventilation: Ask because they now have a balanced system of airflow. the Expert in-person seminars (airvent.com). He One of biggest mistakes that we see both homeownershosts the podcast, Airing it out with Air Vent, and and some roofing contractors make is addressing thehes the chairman the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers attic exhaust ventilation, but they forget about theAssociation Ventilation Task Force. He is the author of most important aspect of the system, they overlookthe book, Grab and Hold Their Attention: Creating and the intake. They forget to feed the beast, BeckerDelivering Presentations that Move Your Audience says. You cant have excellent exhaust ventilationto Action. without excellent intake ventilation. You have to feed the exhaust ventilation with intake ventilation. Sometimes homeowners question the attic ventilation assessment by Becker and his team and are not in agreement that its the source of the moisture problems. In those instances, Becker gives the homeowner the necessary information to investigate themselves. Were not going to get every client and every project. But if we can get every client to ask the hard questions to other roofing companies, all of the other roofing companies will start following in line and doing it correctly.Becker admits hes a roofing nerd and is passionate about his work. Hes not embarrassed to share his favorite recommendation to every homeowner he visits: Pay attention to your house. Itll talk to you. 34 www.mrca.orgMidwest Roofer'