b'ARCHITECTURAL SHEET METALWHAT IS THE COST DIFFERENCE BETWEEN STANDARD PVDF COLOR, PREMIUM PVDF COLOR AND METALLIC COLORS FOR METAL ROOFING AND SIDING?By: Kathi MillerArchitectural National Accounts, McElroy MetalThe paint used to coat metal roofingWhile the Standard colors work for most projects, there andsidingpanelshasthreebasicare times where something a little more spectacular is components: pigment, which createsdesired for the color of a metal roof or wall system. Often, thecolor;solvent,whichhelpstothe decision stems from the desire to match a corporate dissolve the pigment; and binder orbrand or perhaps a designer or owner wants all or part resin, which acts like the glue to holdof a building to make a bigger statement. In those cases, everything together. Premium colors are often considered.Due to differences in both pigment cost and the amountWhile there are many variables in the equation, a good of pigment required, most metal panel manufacturersrule of thumb is to allow 8-10 percent additional cost for segment their PVDF offering into three pricing tiers. colors in the Premium PVDF family. The additional cost Standard PVDF (Kynar 500/Hylar 5000) Colors stems from several factors.The first and lowest priced group is often referred to asFirst, the pigments used to produce these dramatic the standard colors. These colors represent the bulk ofcolors are more expensive than their standard color the metal roof and wall panel industry. Given the basiccounterparts.laws of economics (the more you buy, the cheaper it is),Secondly, Premium colors typically require more pigment most people expect this color offering to be the least(and less filler) than standard colors, which also makes expensive. And theyre right. But what many folks dontthem more expensive. As a side note, some of the colors realize is that these colors require less pigment, so theirin this family also carry a reduced paint warranty due to lower cost is actually reflective of the fact that they arethe performance of the pigments used in this process. less expensive for paint manufacturers to produce. So, if the warranty length is important, always check While most of the colors in these groups fall in the white,with a reputable manufacturer during the color selection beige or earth tone family, dark bronzes and blacks areprocess.also commonly included. Its also important to note that the 8-10 percent upcharge Premium PVDF (Kynar 500/Hylar 5000) Colors for the premium colors typically applies only to panels 10 www.mrca.orgMidwest Roofer'