b'Garys CornerCOVID-19 DECLARED A NATIONAL EMPHASIS PROGRAM BY OSHAGary Auman, MRCA Legal CounselQ uite a bit has been happeningHowever, you must remember that retaliation can sincemylastsafetyupdatetake many forms and that it is more than employee article so, let me bring you up totermination or demotion. It can be any action that date with what has been happeningyou take against an employee that the employee with OSHA. As I sit down to writeperceives is connected to a complaint that they made this article, I want to consider someto OSHA. changes that have been occurring in OSHA. The NEP also gives OSHA probable cause to First,aboutsixweeksago,OSHAdeclaredvisit your worksite and at least demand to see your COVID-19 a National Emphasis Program (NEP). ThisCOVID-19 Protection Program. Remember that the action will focus increased attention on employersCOVID-19 NEP covers all industries so OSHA may and their COVID-19 Pandemic Protection Programs.use it to gain entry to your construction site, your Not only will this increase the importance of having ashop, warehouse, or your office area. If you are Pandemic Protection Program, it also draws attentionconfronted with such a visit under the NEP, which to the actions that may be taken by employers inyou do not feel is justified, be sure to contact your retaliation to employees who file complaints againstcounsel before giving OSHA access to you work area. them. This could also be what employees perceive asRemember, while such an inspection begins under a lack of attention by the employer to protect them,the NEP, it can be expanded if the compliance officer the employees, from COVID-19. I am sure you areconducting the inspection sees anything else that thinking, but I would never retaliate against onehe/she believes is an OSHA violation or an unsafe of my employees because I determined that theycondition.directed OSHA to me by making such a complaint.At about the same time OSHA was declaring 16 www.mrca.orgMidwest Roofer'