b'Garys CornerContinued from page 35employers to take to prevent heat illness. I am aware that this article is coming out as many of you enter a part of the year with cooler and colder temperatures, but those in the south may be confronted with heat illness issues year-round. As I review applications for the NFBA Safety Recognition Awards I seldom see a heat illness preventionprogramthatIamabletoconsider adequate to prevent heat illness or to meet the feasible steps discussed by Judge Augustine. The five steps begin with acclimatization and proceed throughtraining.Remember,yourheatillness prevention program is based on the heat index, not on temperature alone. I strongly suggest that you have your site supervisors download the OSHA Heat App on their smart phones. This will provide them the heat index on their jobsite as well as reminders of actions they should take to prevent heat illness with that heat index.Step OneAcclimatizationYou need to identify employees who are reporting to the high heatindexenvironmentforthefirsttimeorare Take $25 off a Classified! Promo CodeMRCA . Visit us at www.RoofersCoffeeShop.com/INeedHelp36 www.mrca.orgMidwest Roofer'