b'STEEP SLOPEGETTING INSURANCE TO PAY TO BRING ATTIC VENTILATION UP TO CODEA STRONG CASE CAN BE MADE DURING A STORM-DAMAGED ROOF REPLACEMENT CLAIMBy: Paul Scelsi, Marketing Communications Manager at Air Vent Inc.Someresidentialroofingroofs. Pyatt shared his strategy working with contractorsinstorm-proneinsurance companies and homeowners. markets are successfully gettingFirst, heres a hypothetical scenario.homeowners insurance to payA nasty hailstorm came through the area and the full price to bring the atticbeat up the roof and the vents pretty badly. The ventilation up to the current building code standards.insurance company is willing to pay for a complete Theyre doing this while the insurance companiesroof replacement, including the damaged vents. are already paying to replace the storm-damagedThe house has 5 box vents on the roof for attic roof. These contractors explain to the insuranceexhaust ventilation. The roofing contractor hired companies the correct quantity of intake vents andto replace the roof notices during the inspection exhaust vents that are necessary to meet codethat the 5 box vents are not enough to properly standards based on the attics size. Sometimesexhaust the attic. It turns out that the roof needs the process involves switching to a better, more8 box vents based on the attics size. The roofing efficient way to ventilate the atticfactoring in thecontractor also notices that the intake ventilation roofs shape or geometry. in the soffit is not sufficient to support the 5 box Kyle Pyatt, director of residential sales,Gen 3vents, not to mention 8 box vents. The contractor Roofing Corporation, Centennial, CO, estimatesknows balanced attic ventilation50% intake nearly 95% of the roofing projects his companyairflow and 50% exhaust airflowis whats needed handles are insurance claims. He has a lot ofto fight heat, moisture, and ice dams. experience with the process. And ColoradosFinally,thecontractorrecommendstothe weather certainly produces storms that damagehomeowner switching from individual box vents 32 www.mrca.orgMidwest Roofer'