b'ARCHITECTURAL SHEET METALand doesnt apply to labor, trims and accessories.Consequently,the total cost increase to move from a Standard to Premium color is often less than expected. As an example, for a 20,000 square foot standing seam roof, the cost difference to go from Standard to a Premium color might cost an additional $3,000-$5,000 total on the project. So, while it is a higher price, the cost difference is pretty negligible, especially if its critical to the brand or building owner.Colors in this family fall more into what you might call the exotics and include things like oranges, reds, vibrant blues and greens.Metallic PVDF (Kynar 500/Hylar 5000) ColorsMoving the discussion onto metallics, its important to note that were referring to metallic colors. Metallic colors are completely different from an unpainted product like Galvalume or galvanized, which have an actual metallic coating.When comparing Standard, Premium and Metallic finishes, Metallic PVDF colors are the most expensive and normally carry a 10-12 percent cost increase over the standard PVDF colors.Like Premium colors, some of the higher cost can be attributed to higher pigment cost. In some cases, the coating lines which apply the paint to the steel are also required to run at slower speeds for metallic paints, which can increase cost.Its also important to note that Metallic finishes can be directional, meaning they must be installed in the same direction to prevent perceived shade differences. Consequently, installers are required to take more care in the layout and installation of materials, so installation costs are often higher for Metallic coatings than they are for either Standard or Premium colors. And, while it may not impact cost, metallic colors tend to be batch sensitive, meaning there may be slight differences between paint produced at different times. Using products from several different batches on the same project can create aesthetic issues and should be avoided whenever possible. Colors in this family tend to be coppers, silvers, bronzes and champagnes.Keep in mind that the cost increase percentages outlined here are simply for budget purposes.www.mrca.orgMidwest Roofer 11'