b'STEEP SLOPEEDUCATING HOMEOWNERS ABOUT ATTIC VENTILATIONFIVE KEY POINTS THAT CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCEBy: Paul Scelsi, Marketing Communications Manager at Air Vent Inc.Sometimesresidentialroofingprocess are in good position to secure a signed contractors reach out for assistanceestimate that includes proper attic ventilation.with educating homeowners aboutKey Point #1: Its Essential for Your Roofthe importance of attic ventilation. Its a popular topic during the Q & AProper attic ventilation can deliver year-round benefits session of our best practices seminars across Northby helping to fight heat buildup in the warmer months, America. Theyll ask, Can you help us explain themoisture buildup in the colder months, and ice dams specific benefits of attic ventilation to homeownersin snow regions. In the summer months, getting the to reduce their pushback during the roofing estimatebuilt-up heat out of the attic pays off by helping to process? The fact is many homeowners just want themake the living area cooler and more comfortable new roof installed without considering if the existingbecause there will be less heat from the attic radiating attic ventilation is sufficient. into the living space. This lightens the burden on Shawn Bellis, owner, Epic Exteriors, Overland Park,the air conditioning system and could lead to lower KS, talked about this very topic in a recent episodeelectricity costs. of our podcast. Here are five key points about atticAttic ventilation is essential for roof life span, for ventilation that every homeowner should be aware of.lowering your interior living temperatures and making Theres no guarantee that being aware of these keyyour upstairs more comfortable, says Bellis. Its a points will result in acceptance by the homeowner.challenging subject because we find most attics are That may still require some follow-up conversations.not correctly ventilated. So, when we get involved in But contractors who make a point to convey thisthe project, we are turning around that system and information to homeowners during the roof estimatingfixing it. I have seen 10 to 15-year-old roofs that are not properly ventilated and the south and west sides 28 www.mrca.orgMidwest Roofer'