b'IncomingPresidents MessageHONORED TO BE THE NEW PRESIDENT OF MRCAI Kelly Lea, MRCA Presidentam honored to be the new President of MRCA. Fred Horner is a tough act to follow and did an exceptional job the last two years, especially during the pandemic. The Association has had many accomplishments in the past, and this coming year will be no less.MRCA provides our contractor members programs to improve safety, safety plans, CERTA and offers a variety of additional programs to our valued members. We have started a new Heat Welding Certification (HAWT) and brought it to the conference for the first time in 2021. We are excited to continue to expand and offer new tools to our members. Many more things are to come.The Board Members who serve MRCA bring many different talents to our association.Along with our manufacturers we have grown as an Association and have been financially responsible allowing us to provide numerous services and benefits to members. The Executive Board and MRCA foundation also provide scholarships to deserving young adults. The scholarship program will continue to grow and hopefully some of our recipients will be future contractors in our industry.As we prepare for the next year, I hope everyone plans to be in Fort Worth, TX on September 27-29, 2022, for the 72nd Annual Conference at the Fort Worth Convention Center. Our State and local chapters will be a great asset for our conference. We are excited to have RCAT participate as their conference will be in conjunction with MRCA. We look forward to many years of continued support from both NTRCA and IIBEC as they participate in and support our conferences.As contractors we have many battles in front of us this next year. However, we are a resilient and innovative group and will come out of this year stronger and better.Hopefully we will have some normalcy by September.I wish everyone a blessed Christmas and a happy holiday season.Kelly LeaMRCA PresidentTexas Roof Management Inc.kellylea@texasroof.com 6 www.mrca.orgMidwest Roofer'