b'ON DECKON DECKPAM KEINER President - Maly Roofing Company, Inc.P am Keiner is in a placeposition, eventually mastering every job in the company shewouldhaveneverfrom project management, accounting, warehouse, guessed,somewheresuperintendent, and then she got a present from the that is not the norm for a woman,previous owner, an existing sheet metal company to she is the owner of a Wisconsinrun as it was her own. After fully understanding roofing basedCommercialRoofingand architectural sheet metal as well as how business Company and has been in theworked and what a financial statement was, the mutual roofing business for 22 years.decision was made that she was capable of taking care Pam graduated from Middletonof the employees and being at the helm.High School in 1984 and wentShe gives back to her community whether its in ontoattendUniversityofmentoring, donating roofing products, roofing labor, Wisconsin Madison, graduatingmonetary donations or performing volunteer work. Some withabachelorsdegreeinof the past groups she has had the option of helping CONTACT US Behavioral Sciences and Lawhave been the Goodman Community Center, Cops for MALY ROOFING COMPANY, INC. with the intention of becoming anKids Campaign, American Cancer Society, Habitat for 4202 ROBERTSON RD Arbitrator. While in high school MADISON, WI 53714 Humanity Executive Build and Campaigns for Second PH: (608) 249-7663 and college, she travelled the WWW.MALYROOFING.COM USandcompetedinUnitedHarvest Food Bank donations. Kevin, Bryce, Dayne and States Tennis Tournaments as well as National SoccerPam have also made it a family event to volunteer to tournaments. She still competes in tennis, enjoys fishing,help at Christmas with Toys for Tots Campaign.golf, and most of all travelling with her husband.MRCA provides valuable safety information on their Pam met her husband Kevin when attending collegewebsite for contractors to use in the field as well as other and working a job as a UPS manager. Kevin has neveruseful forms, so you dont have to create your own. They been involved in roofing but was a career UPS driver foralso give overall guidance in safety as well as legal help 33 years and is now retired.They have been marriedwhen you dont know where to turn, specifically related 30 years, have two sons, Bryce and Dayne Keiner whoto roofing. Although I never really thought I had time have done various jobs at Maly Roofing Company sincefor membership in an association, I should have made their 8th grade. Also, the family favorite is their dogtime. Maly Roofing Company only became a member Kylo, an Italian Greyhound mix who moves as fast asa few years ago, but I wish it would have been sooner the industry and loves going into the office for attention.as the networking and useful conversations with other contractors has been invaluable. Being on MRCAs After graduating from college, she worked as aWomen in Roofing committee has allowed me an outlet Computer Network engineer for a local school district.to contribute and provide mentoring information to other She had known the previous owner of the roofingwoman. I remember when I first started in roofing and company through a friend, and he had asked her ifwent to my first major conference that I had qualified for, she would want to come work for him setting up athere were 2-woman contractors out of 375, this was in new computer estimating software. He talked her into2009 and it seemed extremely awkward. I see the times this 6-month gig and while on maternity leave, shehave changed, there a lot more woman owned roofing watched every VCR tape made on roofing systemscompanies and being part of MRCA has allowed me to to setup the companies database for estimating. Shemake connections with more of these contractors and trained the existing estimators on the new system whileprovide information to help them along as I feel like a learning project management at the same time. Whenveteran now. This is why it is important to network in the gig was up, the decision had to be made and shea group like MRCA, you will get valuable information, decided Im staying here. She was moved position tomentoring and roofing education.32 www.mrca.orgMidwest Roofer'