b'SHARP PlusProgram SHARP Plus Video Series Order Form New Employee Orientation Video2nd Edition - ENGLISH & SPANISH This program is an essential tool when preparing new employees for the jobsite. Topics covered in this video include: Company Vehicles Guardrail SystemsExtension Cords & Power Tools Distracted Driving Personal Fall Arrest SystemsFall and Trip Hazards Drug and Alcohol PoliciesWarning LinesFire Hazards Hazard Communication Safety MonitorsLifting Hazards PPE Hazardous Chemicals Heat Stress Ladder Safety Working with HotCERTAThis video is available as a DVD and as an electronic version that comes on a USB drive. English: Please indicate quantity and format: Qty DVD or Electronic:Spanish: Please indicate quantity and format: QtyDVD or Electronic:Member Price: $75.00 each or $125.00 for set* Non-member Price: $300.00 each or $400 for set* *If ordering a set, please reflect set price amount in the Total to be charged to card below.Mail this form to the address below or email to SHARP@mrca.org or fax to 937-278-0317 Name______________________________________ Company Name__________________________________ Address___________________________________________________________________________________ City________________________________________ State_________________ Zip______________________ Phone _______________________Email: ______________________________________________________ Visa/MC/Discover/Amex #____________________________________________ Exp. Date _______________ Signature__________________________________ Name on Card ___________________________________ Total to be charged to card: $____________________________Billing Zip Code __________________ Please allow 2-3 weeks delivery 7250 Poe Ave. Ste 410, Dayton,OH 45414Phone:(800) 497-6722Fax: (937) 278-0317 www.mrca.org The Safety & Health Agenda for Roofing Professionals, A Midwest Roofing Contractors Association Program 04/11/19'