b"MRCA: Changing WithROOF DRAIN.1/ Changing,9notice thatPROBLEMS? , Times Continued from page programs. Also you'll MRCA has decreased the size of thefloor. Many of last trade show year's attend told us thai they ees felt they were rushed on the trade~ (kf; showfloor,ordidnothave enoughtimetoseeeverything- IS[P{f(ff)'CO they wa In order to correct nted. thatsituation,MRCAhas decreased the sizeof the trade Simple, effective retrofit drain show floor to 202, 1O-by-10 feet of booths.istrade showdurable, maintenance-free Th smaller floorld allow every attendeecopper & malleable alloy shouplenty of time to visitboothrooftop everyEasy andtalktoevery manufacturerinstallation by representative on the trade showroofer eliminates floorcostly plumbing Aswecontinuein1997 andool creates a water Expander tinto 1998, you can be sure thattight metal-to-metal seal to MRCA will continue to researchprevent damaging leaks from programs and services that meetwater back-up the needs of contractor members.reliability & long Proven We can't promise that we will cre life ensure peace ofind mate or introduce every program You save time & money that youneedtobecomemore profitable, butweare certainly going to try!Many sizes availableIf you ever have any questions, or need more information about theprogramsandservices described here, feel free to contact theMRCAofficeat800/497-6722. The times may be changing -but MRCA will continue to change right along with them!"