b'Schedule ofU tched Educational ,,,.. EventsnmaProgramming Wednesday, N . 5 ov Continued from page 4 9 a.m. -???Annual MRCA Fo d Golf Tournament un ation Technical & Research* 2 Thursday, N . 6Friday, Nov. 7 ov7:30 a.m. - 6: p.m. Registration Desk Open10:15 a.m. - Noon 30 T secondT ical& heechn8: - 9: a.m.MRCA Health &fety Committee Progr Research program will be the ever30 55Sa am lar&R popu MRCA T Update. The 1 D -10:45 a.m.MRCA T ical &Committee P gr activities and p imin findings echn Researchro amrel ary of the MRCA T Committee will &R 110:45 a.m."All About Fastening" -Construction Fasteners, Inc.be discussed andO - presented. Topics for discussion ati997 conthe i0:45 a.m. - NoonMRCA Steep &littee Programvention and trade show include: Meta CommEPDM Shrinkagerevealing test ii - i 1a.m."Doing it RightFirst Time" -TAMKOdata; Type IVlass Felt test :45theFibergdata; Report on Perlite In lation su12:30 -2 p.m.Opening Luncheonstudy; the MRCA proposed "Users Guide" for mo commonreferst 2:i5 - 6T Show Floor Openences toFM,Buildp.m.radeUL,ASTM and ingC es;andareporton od5 - 6.m.Opening Cocktail P on Trade Show Floorlaminatedshingles.Learn about p arty tomorrow\' technical and research .s 6.m.Prize Giveawayactivities today - attend the Mp RCA T&R Update. F y, Nov. 7 rida7:30 a.m. -5Registration Desk Open p.m. 7:30 -8:30 a.m."Using the Internet Bonus Program" 8:30 -10:10 a.m.MRCA Business Management Committee Program a.m.ASession 9-1 p.m.CERTTraining 9 - ia.m."Computerized Estimating" -Advanced E ng OstimatiSystems 10 a.m.- 3 pmSpouse Tour 10:15. - NoonMRCA Technical &Committee Pa.m Researchrogram 10:15 -11 :15 a.m."Cover it- Firestone Better" p.m. Noon -5Trade Show Floor Open NoonHot Dog LuncheonShow Floor on Trade 5 p.m.Prize Giveaway 6. -???Exhibitor Hospitalities p.mSaturday, l\\\'o,. 8 9- NoonFMI Bonus Program a.m.'