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Tore lished. Garlandbelievesthatsomestand behind them with guaran quote Dr. ReneDupuis,"StrainIt is veryinteresting that the elongation is important, and we,tees that reflect our confidence inenergy is the only universal yardGarland president has established therefore, added elongation abilitythem. This confiden gainedstick to measure theirhn ,a coaltar pitch systemashis ce wastoug esstheorighbenchmarkofquality,"the with the polymers andorien from the excellent track record andas high strengthh elonga20beper 5-tationof theyarnsinour rein field experience spanning overtion by themselves canveryunquestioned su iority of a forcedfabrics.Webelievetheyears, not from ao labmisleading."ply C Tar Pitch R ." 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Garland\'s averageinspec program, providethe combination of strength (ten OurconcerrswithGarland tioncusannual cost for warranty work is atomers withepossible roofsile) and elasticity (elongation),comp ge to Coala as th bestarin its lfTarre fraction of 1of our annualprogramfortheirinvestment.which are measured togetherfollows: percent makeI Then energy test strairevenue. We have several thou What would you rely on toin the strain energy test, pro-sandsatisfiedcustomerswhoroofing decisions, aof avide a superioraddresses the toughness quarter century of success, or alabmeans of p ofamembrane have been continually using thesesingleredictingthewh subjectedto systems tor just under atest?en quarter of aphysicalstrain.Itis century. Garland\'s strengths have been,Commentary on Garlandclear that aof memrobranec taining and always will be, incontrolCorrespondenceonthe thatwebringtoeveryproject,By L.B. Morrisahighstrain which includes proper specifica MRCA Presidentenergy levelis 1970sfar tougher than tions, the best quality materials forThe Garland letter uses a the conditions, and job progressvintagedocument,NBS55, toamembrane buttress its argument, while totallylwith aer level lowinspectionstoinsureproperignoring NIST\'s most recent work\\ofstrain installation,alongwithannual e y.takes inspections to insure that the roofson this subject. Data from NBS 55nerg It are maintained properly. This for- was used by NIST to help estab- a gre leap of at'