b'General Information. f~for the day selected. Tickets forConvention and Trade Show. The socialactivitiesmust bepur- Adam\'s Mark is located on 4th & .$chased separately.Chestnut.314/241-7400 or Opening Luncheon TicketsReservations: If you did not purchase all800/444-ADAM Fu\'r\'Registration and you would like toRate: Standard $129 single/ $139 attendtheOpeningLuncheon,double+ tax then you must purchase aCheck-In: 3 ticket.p.m. Check-Out: Noon Registration InformationSpouse/Guest Tickets Attendees may register at theIfyoudidnotpurchaseaOverflow Hotel "On-Site" registration area at theSpou Full RegistrationMRCA will alsobe using the se/Guest Sele for additio al show.Registrationformsareandwouldliketo attendtheHoliday Innctnavailablethe registration area.spouse program, then you mustrooms for attendees. The Holiday in Payment for on-site registrationpurchase aInn Select is located at 811 Nticket.orth may be made with cash,or9tht. checkStreecredit-card.CERTA CERTAInstructorTrainingReservations: 314/421 000 or -4Full Registrationincludes admission to the800/289-8338 trade MRCA member and nonmem- show floor on the day ofRate: $ single ortax training,89double+ ber "Full Package Registration"as welllunch in the classroom.Check-In: 3 asp.m. includes admission to both daysCheck-Out: Noon of the trade show, all educationalSaturday "Bonus" Program programs, the opening luncheon,Although an extension of theShowFax and Friday\'s lunch on the tradeAnnualMRCAConvention andMRCA once again is pleased to show floor. It does not includeTrade Show, the Saturday Failsoffer attendees the opportun to ity admission to the CERT Atruc- Management Institutepre- h conventionmaterials sent lns (FMI)ave tor Training, nor admission to thesentation isN included indirectlyto their faxmachines OTany Bonus Program on Saturday. Theregistration package.o whothrough the MRCA ShowF Hot-Any neax turday Spouse/Guest Full Registrationwishes to attend the Sa FMIline. Simply usea touch-tone Package includes the same itemsprogram must purchase aphone to call the ticket.MRCA ShowFax as the Company RepresentativeHotline- followthevoice Full Registration, plus admissionHousing Infom1ationprompts to select the materials to the Spouse/Guest Program. IfMRCA has blocked rooms atyouwouldlike toreceiveand you mark Full Registration, youtwo hotels near the conventionenter the phone number of your It\'sat do not have to mark boxes forcenter.Bothhotelsarewithinfax machine.th simple!You tradeyour social events orshow onlywalking distance, but MRCA willwill receiverequested mate-registrations.Full Registra- have busses running asched- rials within moments. Markset lion to attend everything, exceptulebetweenthe officialMRCAMRCA ShowFax Hotline!It\'s the CERTA Training and the Sat- propertiesandtheconventionthe simplest and easiest w to ay urdayBonusProgram, foronecenterfortheconvenienceofg up-to-the-minute conveetntion low price.attendees.materials. MRCAShowFaxHotline-Trade Show OnlyHeadquarters Hotelaoono 64a- 59 RegistrationMRCA h selec the Adam\'s asted Includes admission to theMark Hotel as the headquarters trade show and educational programshotel for the 48th Annual MRCA 26'